CEHS Global eXperience

The College of Education and Human Sciences believes your education will be more complete and more satisfying by fully participating in the CEHS Global eXperience. Global X is designed to help you experience and understand other cultures and build new relationships with people from different backgrounds than your own. Global X will help you make a world of difference.

CEHS Abroad Opportunities

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Husker at the Great Wall of China

Global X includes a range of experiential opportunities including education study tours, international internships, service opportunities locally and globally, and study exchange programs. When you make a commitment to Global X through the Ready, Set, Go! program, CEHS will even help you pay for approved education abroad programs.

Global X facilitates cultural awareness, intercultural communication, awareness of global issues, versatility and adaptability. Please explore the Global X webpages for more information, and let Global X bring your personal touch to life through hands-on experiences.

Global X is one way to distinguish yourself as you graduate. Another way is by earning the CEHS International Studies Minor.