Master's Degree Forms and Deadlines

Preparing and Submitting a Master's Thesis

Preparing a Thesis

Consult these guidelines for details as you complete the requirements summarized below.

For more information: Terri Eastin, Master's Programs Specialist, Office of Graduate Studies.

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  1. 1. Memorandum of Courses, Research Responsibility

    Prior to completion of over one-half of required coursework

    Memorandum of Courses

    • Form: Memorandum of Courses
    • Video Overview: Preparing Your Memorandum
    • Completed form due to: Master's Specialist in the Office of Graduate Studies.
    • Deadline notes: The Memorandum must be submitted by the student prior to the completion of half of the program. Required for candidacy.
      • "Incompletes" and "no reports" count as completed courses.
      • A student may not file a Memorandum of Courses and graduate in the same semester or summer session.
    • Changes: After the Memorandum has been filed with Graduate Studies, any changes to the Memorandum should be submitted in writing.
      • Changes may be submitted by the student's advisor in a memo/email to the Master's Specialist outlining the additions, deletions, or substitutions.
      • It may or may not be possible to change the Option. Refer to the Graduate Bulletin.

    Research responsibility requirements

  2. 2. Application for Degree


    For summer only, this is earlier than the Registrar's overall deadline.

    • Form: At the start of your intended graduation term, sign into MyRED for the online Graduation Application form.
      • The form will be available to you only after your Memorandum of Courses has been processed by Graduate Studies and only after the end of the prior term. Contact Terri Eastin if you have questions about your access to this form in MyRED.
    • Consequences of missed deadline: If this is not filed, a diploma will not be ordered for you and your graduation date will be postponed.
  3. 3. Final Examination Report for the Master's Degree


    * Or at least 4 weeks (3 weeks in summer) before the oral exam.

    • Form: Final Examination Report
    • Completed form due to: Master's Specialist in the Office of Graduate Studies. Receipt of this form generates the final graduation check.
    • Deadline notes: Must be filed at least four weeks (three weeks in summer) prior to the date of the oral exam or by the date shown on the left. If an oral examination is scheduled, this form must indicate the date and time of the examination and the names of the oral examining committee.
    • Sections required: For all Options, Parts 1 through 4 of the form — including signatures in Part 3 but omitting signatures in Part 4 — must be completed before it is submitted to Graduate Studies. For Option I, Part 5 must also be completed at that time.
  4. 4. Preliminary Copy of Thesis


    * Or at least 2 weeks before the oral exam.

    • Due in the Office of Graduate Studies at least two weeks (one week in summer) prior to the oral examination date, but not later than the deadline to the left.
    • The preliminary thesis must be submitted to the master's specialist electronically.
  5. 5. Incomplete Grades, Comprehensive Exam Results


    Incomplete Grades

    • All incomplete grades listed on the Memorandum of Courses (except thesis).

    Written Comprehensive Examination and/or Option II Paper Results

    • Must be filed in the Office of Graduate Studies no later than the deadline listed at the left.
  6. 6. Oral Examination

    • This deadline is the final day the oral examination can be held.
  7. 7. Final Materials Check, Depositing, Fee Payment

    1. Presentation of Materials to Graduate Studies for Checking/Stamping
      • Final Examination Report Form
      • One paper copy of abstract for Graduate Studies
      • One paper copy of abstract and title page for Library
      • Confirmation of upload to Digital Commons
    2. Deposit of Thesis and Related Materials at 318 Love Library
      • Deposit abstract, title page, and confirmation of upload; have Final Examination Report Form signed.
    3. Payment of Final Fees to Cashier/Bursar at 121 Canfield
      • Have Final Examination Report Form signed.
    4. Return of Completed Final Examination Report Form to Graduate Studies
  8. Semester Ends; Commencement Ceremony