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See Graduate Program Summaries for faculty lists.

On those pages, most but not all have Graduate Faculty status and are eligible to serve on committees. For details on an individual's eligibility, consult the department's graduate chair or Graduate Studies.

Graduate Council

The UNL Graduate Council serves as an advisory body to the UNL Dean of Graduate Studies and, as the administrative body for Graduate Studies, is subject to the authority of the UNL Graduate Faculty.


Name Type Term
Area (Department)
Jon Pedersen Elected 2014 Professional Education (Teaching, Learning, & Teacher Education)
Mark van Roojen Elected 2014 Humanities (Philosophy)
Jody Redepenning Elected 2015 Physical Sciences (Chemistry)
David Smith Elected 2015 Business (Accountancy)
Rita Kean Elected 2016 Social Sciences (Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design)
Melanie Simpson Elected 2016 Agricultural & Biological Sciences (Biochemistry)
Shannon Bartelt-Hunt Elected 2017 Engineering (Civil Engineering)
Rhonda Fuelberth Elected 2017 Arts (Art and Art History)
Jacob Friefeld Student Rep. 2014 Social Sciences (History)
Anh Do Student Rep. 2015 Social Sciences (Human Sciences; Child, Youth and Family Studies)
Lance Perez Ex-officio Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies
Laurie Bellows Ex-officio Associate Dean of Graduate Studies


  • Appointed representatives to the NU Executive Graduate Council: Jon Pedersen and Rita Kean.
  • Appointed representative to the UNL Academic Planning Committee: Libby Jones.