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The graduate certificate in Survey Research and Methodology provides a firm grounding in survey research methods and data analysis. Certificate courses can also be used toward an M.S. degree. The program is ideal for professionals in a wide range of fields who need to use and understand surveys.

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Graduate Chair
Professor Allan McCutcheon
Department of Survey Research and Methodology

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Barbara Rolfes

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Professor Robert Belli

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Application checklist and deadlines

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Application deadline
January 31


This graduate certificate program consists of 18 semester credit hours: five required courses and one elective. Courses listed below are 3 credit hours each.


The following five courses are required.


Additionally, the certificate requires one elective from the SRAM MS core curriculum as listed below.

  • EDPS 870: Introduction to Education and Psychological Measurement
  • PSYC 948: Latent Trait Measurement Models
  • SRAM 817: Cross-cultural and Multi-population Survey Methodology
  • SRAM 824: Advanced Quantitative Analysis in Marketing (MRKT 824)
  • SRAM 863: Advanced Methods of Social Research II (SOCI 863)
  • SRAM 898: Categorical Data Analysis
  • SRAM 902: Seminar in Research Methods (SOCI 902)
  • SRAM 915: Advanced Sampling
  • SRAM 922: Randomized and Nonrandomized Research Design
  • SRAM 941: Intermediate Statistics: Experimental Methods (EDPS 941)
  • SRAM 942: Intermediate Statistics: Correlational Methods (EDPS 942)
  • SRAM 946: Psychology of Survey Response (PSYC 946)
  • SRAM 971: Structural Equation Modeling (EDPS 971)
  • SRAM 972: Multivariate Analysis (EDPS 972)
  • STAT 802: Experimental Design

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