Core Courses

ENGL 210I Illness & Health in Literature
HIST 221 Science in History
HIST 228 History of Medicine in Western Society
PHIL 213 Medical Ethics
RELG 225 Science & Religion

HMED 397: Directed Experiences in Health Care

HMED 397 is the "capstone" course for the minor. It provides students with a structured opportunity to experience a health care setting, not only to explore possible career paths, but also to reflect on the complex social, economic and personal contexts of health care delivery in 21st century America.

In this course, students design a schedule for shadowing health care professionals, volunteering in a hospital, hospice or free clinic, or both. Students choose from a list of books to read about illness, health, suffering and healing in the American health care system. As they read and observe, students write regular journal entries about the intersections among their readings, their observations and their personal insights. A final project of the student's own design culminates the course, along with a self-assessment.

Because students set their own goals and deadlines, HMED 397 helps them to develop the skills for life-long learning that will enhance their careers and their lives.

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