Shelli Krupicka
Shelli Krupicka Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Shelli Krupicka, NCMN's administrative coordinator, has reached her 25th anniversary of service to UNL, with the entire time being dedicated to NCMN. Congratulations, Shelli! (9/30/15)

Qin Zhou
New NCMN Member

NCMN welcomes a new faculty member: Qin Zhou of the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering. (9/23/15)

Sidy Ndao
Ndao Brings STEM Camps to Senegal

Sidy Ndao, assistant professor of Mechanicals & Materials Engineering, is bringing STEM camps to students in his native Senegal, in West Africa. (9/21/15)

David Sellmyer
NCMN Earns $3.5-million NSF Grant

NCMN has earned a $3.5-million NSF grant to establish the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility (NNF), a regional center of excellence in nanoscience and nanotechnology. Please refer to the NSF release and UNL Today article. (9/16/15)

Gruverman & Tsymbal
Gruverman & Tsymbal Identify Ferroelectric Material

Alexei Gruverman and Evgeny Tsymbal were part of a UNL team that induced stable ferroelectricity in a sheet of strontium titanate only a few nanometers thick. (9/15/15)

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Faculty Spotlight: Sidy Ndao

Sidy Ndao
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