Peter Sutter
New NCMN Member

NCMN welcomes a new faculty member: Peter Sutter of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. (9/1/15)

Jinsong Huang
Huang Leads Part of Solar Cell Project

Jinsong Huang, associate professor of mechanical & materials engineering, is heading the UNL portion of a solar cell project led by Brown University. They will examine cells made from perovskite, a promising alternative to silicon. (8/28/15)

Nano art
Zeng Explains Nanotube Preference

Xiao Cheng Zeng, Ameritas University & Willa Cather Professor of chemistry, co-led a study showing why nanotubes prefer larger potassium ions to smaller sodium ions. (8/27/15)

Stephen Morin
Morin Studies Chemical Patterns

Stephen Morin, assistant professor of chemistry, led a study showing how to create flexible microscopic chemical patterns. (8/24/15)

Tsymbal & Paudel
Magnetic Threshold of Ultra-Thin Material Explained

Evgeny Tsymbal, George Holmes University Professor of physics; Tula Paudel, research assistant professor of physics; and collaborators have determined why 6 is the threshold for an atomically thin material, as published in Science. (8/14/15)

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Faculty Spotlight: Jinsong Huang

Jinsong Huang
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