Jinsong Huang
Huang Improves Solar Cell Efficiency

Jinsong Huang, Susan J. Rosowski associate professor of mechanical and materials engineering, led a study showing that constructing a type of solar cell on a “non-wetting” plastic surface made it 1.5 times more efficient. (7/20/15)

Eli Sutter
New NCMN Member

NCMN welcomes a new faculty member: Eli Sutter of the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering. (7/17/15)

David Berkowitz
Berkowitz Leads Catalyst Discovery

David Berkowitz, Willa Cather Professor of chemistry, led a team that has identified a new series of fructose-based ligands that impart handedness to the catalysts they help form, as well as demonstrated the ability to tune the ligands' shape. (7/10/15)

Zeng & Sinitskii
Zeng & Sinitskii Publish on 2-D Materials

Studies led by Xiao Cheng Zeng and Alexander Sinitskii have demonstrated that a compound called titanium trisulfide could surge toward the fore of two-dimensional materials that are gaining popularity for microelectronics. (6/23/15)

Angela Pannier
Pannier to Speak at Congressional Briefing

Angela Pannier, associate professor in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering, will discuss vaccine development during the SCIENCE 2034 Live Congressional briefings on June 24. (6/23/15)

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