Faculty - Dzenis

Dr. Yuris A. Dzenis

Dr. Yuris A. Dzenis, Professor
R. Vernon McBroom Professor
Mechanical & Materials Engineering
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
W315 Nebraska Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0526
office: (402) 472-0713
email: ydzenis@unl.edu
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Current Research

Current research interests of Dr. Dzenis are in advanced functional nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing. Experimental studies are conducted in a comprehensive, state-of-the-art $1.6M laboratory on multifunctional nanomaterials, composites, nano- and micromechanics, and multiscale nondestructive evaluation (NDE). Recent achievements include comprehensive electrohydrodynamics modeling of electrospinning process for manufacturing nanofibers covering jet initiation, steady-state spinning, and jet radial and bending instabilities; discovery of the critical initial jet radius; experimental evaluation of the composition of the jet instability zone; 3D numerical modeling of jet deposition; modeling-based development of pioneering methods of nanofiber alignment during deposition; manufacturing and characterization of novel continuous polymer, ceramic, and carbon nanofibers including world’s first nanocrystalline ceramic nanofibers, DNA nanofibers, piezoelectric nanofibers, and high-temperature high-performance polymer nanofibers; demonstration of pioneering 1D-3D nanofiber assemblies. Current activities include development of methods of evaluation of nanofiber mechanical properties and design, nanomanufacturing, and characterization of functional nanofiber assemblies and composites including scaffolds for tissue engineering, smart electroactive nanomaterials, supertough/superstrong composites, hierarchial nano/micro fiber/fiber and fiber/particulate composites and composites with nanoreinforced and fractal interfaces. Effort on nondestructive evaluation includes studies of durability of advanced materials and composites, development of modeling-based real-time methods of crack and damage detection, development of advanced damage and fracture mechanics models of composite behavior under quasistatic, long-term static, cyclic, and fatigue loading, and application of these models in the next generation NDE systems with predictive capabilities.

The research program is funded by NSF, AFOSR, ONR, ARO, NAVAIR, and DARPA.

Recent Publications

Kamenskiy, A.V., Dzenis, Y., MacTaggart, J., Lynch, T., Kazmi, S., Pipinos, I.I.,, “Non-Linear Mechanical Behavior of the Human Common, External, and Internal Carotid Arteries In Vivo”, Journal of Surgical Research, 2011, in press

Kamenskiy, A.V., Pipinos, I.I., MacTaggart, Kazmi, S., Dzenis, Y., “Comparative Analysis of the Biaxial Mechanical Behavior of Carotid Wall Tissue and Biological and Synthetic Materials Used for Carotid Patch Angioplasty”, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 2011, in press

Wu, X., Salkovskiy, Y., and Dzenis, Y., “Modeling of Solvent Evaporation from Polymer Jets in Electrospinning”, Applied Physics Letters, 2011, Vol. 98, 223108

Liu, L. and Dzenis, Y., “Simulation of Electrospun Nanofiber Deposition on Stationary and Moving Substrates”, Micro & Nano Letters, 2011, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp. 408–411

Goponenko, A.V., Boyle, B.J., Jahan, K.I., Gerashchenko, M.V., Fomenko, D.E., Gladyshev, V.N., and Dzenis, Y., “Use of Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy for In-Situ Observation of Interaction of Cells with Micro- and Nano-Probes”, Micro & Nano Letters, 2011, Vol. 6, Iss. 8, pp. 603–608

Goponenko, A.V., Hou, H., and Dzenis, Y., “Avoiding Fusion of Electrospun 3,3',4,4'-Biphenyltetracarboxylic Dianhydride-4,4'-Oxydianiline Nanofibers during Conversion to Polyimide”, Polymer, 2011, Volume 52, Issue 17, pp. 3776-3782

Li, Z. and Dzenis, Y., “Highly Efficient Rapid Ethanol Sensing Based on Co-Doped In2O3 Nanowires”, Talanta, 2011, Volume 85, Issue 1, pp. 82-85
PytlikZillig, L.M., Tomkins, A.J., Muhlberger, P., Pardy, R.L., Morris, T.J., Dzenis, Y.A., Turner, J.A., and Collins, T.P., “Using Public Engagements to Provide Input and Insights into Policy, Legal, Ethical, and Other Impacts of Science”, The International Journal of Science in Society, 2011, Volume 2, Issue 3, pp. 273-290

Kamenskiy, A.V., Dzenis, Y., MacTaggart, J., Desyatova, A.S., Pipinos, I.I.,, “In-Vivo Three-Dimensional Blood Velocity Profile Shapes in the Human Common, Internal, and External Carotid Arteries”, Journal of Vascular Surgery, 2011, 54 (4):1011-1020Wu, X.-F., Dzenis, Y., and Fan, T.-Y., “Two Semi-Infinite Interfacial Cracks between Two Bonded Dissimilar Elastic Strips”, Int. J. Eng. Sci. 41(15), 1699-1710 (2003).

Dzenis, Y.A., “Cycle-based Analysis of Damage and Failure in Advanced Composites under Fatigue. 1 - Experimental Observation of Damage Development Within Loading Cycles”, Int. J. Fatigue 25(6), 499-510 (2003).

Dzenis, Y.A., “Cycle-Based Analysis of Damage and Failure in Advanced Composites under Fatigue. 2 - Stochastic Mesomechanics Modeling”, Int. J. Fatigue 25(6), 511-520 (2003).

Wu, X.-F., Dzenis, Y., and Zou, W.-S., “Moving Screw Dislocation in Piezoelectric Bimaterials”, phys. stat. sol. b 238(1), 120-126 (2003).

Dzenis, Y., Qin, M., and Pagano, N., “A Method of Evaluation of Transverse Critical Energy Release Rate (Fiber Failure Mode) in Advanced Composites”, Int. J. Fatigue 118(1), l1-l6 (2003).

Dzenis, Y., and D. Reneker, “Delamination Resistant Composites Prepared by Small Diameter Fiber Reinforcement at Ply Interfaces”, U.S. Patent 6,265,333, July 24, 2001

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Spivak, A.F., Dzenis, Y.A., and Reneker, D.H., “A Model of Steady State Jet in the Electrospinning Process”, Mechanics Research Communications 27(1), 37-42 (2000).

Recent Graduates

· M. Qin (PhD 2003),
· X. Wu (PhD 2003),
· B. Petersen (MS 2003),
· E. Gokdag (MS 2001),
· Saunders (MS 2000),
· D. Wu (MS 2000),
· Spivak (PhD 2000),
· S. Sergiyenko (MS 2000).