Our Purpose

Uphold the integrity of graduate education. Advocate for meaningful and attractive graduate offerings. Foster an excellent graduate student experience. Champion partnerships that ensure the success of graduate programs.

Office of Graduate Studies


Graduate studies at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln are organized and conducted according to the policies of the Graduate College of the University of Nebraska. The UNL Dean for Graduate Studies is responsible for coordinating and administering graduate-level programs and policies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This Dean also maintains a close liaison relationship with the Executive Dean of the Graduate College of the University of Nebraska.

The governance of graduate programs that are principally lodged at UNL is by and through the graduate program committees and the UNL Graduate Council, in accordance with the policies and regulations of the University-wide Graduate College. The UNL Graduate Council serves as an advisory body to the Dean for Graduate Studies. The Council is composed of eight Graduate Faculty and two graduate students from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Graduate Council



Tim Carr, Ph.D. picture

Tim Carr, Ph.D.

Assoc. Vice Chancellor and Dean for Graduate Studies

L.J. McElravy, Ph.D. picture

L.J. McElravy, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Professional Development

Donna Hahn, MS picture

Donna Hahn, MS

Assistant Dean and Director of Operations

Alisha Hanshaw, PhD picture

Alisha Hanshaw, PhD

Assistant Dean of Graduate Enrollment

Recruitment and Admissions

Mary Ashbury picture

Mary Ashbury

Senior Domestic Admissions Evaluator

Nathan Bruss picture

Nathan Bruss

CRM Communications Specialist

Angela Bryan, MA picture

Angela Bryan, MA

Associate Director of Graduate Admissions

Justina Clark, MA picture

Justina Clark, MA

Director of Undergraduate Research

Casey Coleman, MSEd picture

Casey Coleman, MSEd

Events and Outreach Coordinator

Gail Hackwith picture

Gail Hackwith

Student Services Specialist

Robert Mathiasen, PhD picture

Robert Mathiasen, PhD

Distance Education Program Specialist

Kurt Mueller, MFA picture

Kurt Mueller, MFA

Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment

Ruth Oliver picture

Ruth Oliver

Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment for Diversity and Inclusion

Pat Shrader picture

Pat Shrader

Senior International Admissions Evaluator

Student Services and Development

Eva Bachman, PhD picture

Eva Bachman, PhD

Director, Graduate Student Support & Associate Registrar

Carol Boehler picture

Carol Boehler

Program Coordinator, McNair Scholars & Grad Student Dev

Terri Eastin picture

Terri Eastin

Master's Programs Coordinator

Caroline Knuth picture

Caroline Knuth

Fellowship Specialist

Erin Omar picture

Erin Omar

Assistant Director – Career & Professional Development

Lisa Rohde, PhD picture

Lisa Rohde, PhD

Associate Director – Teaching & Research Development

Kelsey Sims picture

Kelsey Sims

Doctoral Programs Coordinator

Data Services

David Houfek picture

David Houfek

Web Development Specialist

Erin Paseka picture

Erin Paseka

Graduate Data Systems Manager