Steps to Degree Completion

Graduate degrees

Learn Graduate Studies requirements and deadlines; get the forms to advance and document your program.

To stay on track, review these requirements periodically as you progress toward your degree.

Other objectives

Graduate certificates

Consult your advisor and/or the coordinator for your certificate program. Our Certificate Program Summaries identify coordinators and provide contact information.

Educator certifications

For assistance in understanding and completing the requirements for these Nebraska State Dept. of Education certifications (including Teaching and Administrative Certificates, endorsements, and the 6-Year Certificate) consult the university's Certification Officer.

Other non-degree

General non-degree admission is open to a variety of objectives. Faculty and staff in the department in whose courses you are enrolling can often make helpful recommendations about choosing further courses or even applying toward a certificate or degree program.

Professional degrees

Because Graduate Studies does not oversee professional programs, you should consult the academic college, school, or department that administers your degree: Doctor of Plant Health, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Juris Doctor, Master of Architecture (not to be confused with Master of Science in Architecture or Master of Architectural Engineering).