Welcome to UNL's DBER Group website!

The primary goal of the Discipline-Based Education Research (DBER) is to study college-level STEM education through learning sciences and education research that is grounded within the cognate expertise of STEM disciplines.  This kind of research and change that it can inform in college-level STEM education depends on multi-faceted inputs and support.  Thus, the DBER Group is composed of faculty, staff, and students from STEM, education, and other fields who share a common interest in studying and transforming STEM education (formal and informal, pK-16+) through both basic and applied research.

We meet on a weekly basis via an informal STEM Education Seminar, where we learn more about current STEM education research and activities in formal (grades pK to 16+) and informal (outreach activities and museums) educational settings.  Together we explore questions and ideas of mutual interest that deal with STEM education and STEM education research.  All are welcome to attend!

In addition to our seminar, we also host other types of activities such as workshops and socials.



Support for the Discipline-Based Education Research Group comes from the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Computer Education; NebraskaSCIENCE; the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences; the Department of Chemistry; the School of Biological Sciences; and the School of Natural Resources.