About Theatrix

Theatrix is the student producing organization affiliated with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film. 

As a student producing company, Theatrix provides students in all faces of the arts the opportunity to work hands on and share experiences with all professors and professionals working within the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film.

Mission Statement

Theatrix is the student-run theatre company at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, whose purpose is to provide opportunities to create theatre in an environment where students can apply knowledge and techniques in a practical setting.

Advisory Board

Executive Director
Paul Steger

Faculty Advisors

Virginia Smith
Brad Buffum
Julie Hagemeier
Laurel Shoemaker

Student Advisors

Chadwick Taylor Graduate, Directing
Sheric Hull Graduate, Lighting Design
Jorden Charley-Whatley Undergrad, Directing & Management/Performance
Katie Hoppe Undergrad, Performance
Shannon Hanson Undergrad, Directing & Management


Amy Almond Artistic Director
Madison Nichols  Managing Director
Becca Hess Managing Director
Carlos Velasco Publicity Designer and Photographer