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Our second production of the season will open on Dec. 4. We are producing Wildflower by Lila Rose Kaplan, directed by Jesse Debolt. For more information, check out our Upcoming Shows.

Staged Reading Series
Theatrix is now accepting play scripts from student playwrights as a part of our Staged Reading Series. Submit your play, and hear your works read aloud by actors, to an audience that will give you feedback on how to improve your work! If you are thinking of submitting a script to NAF - our New Artist's Festival in the spring, this is a great way to workshop your play beforehand!

To submit: Drop a hardcopy of your script, along with your contact phone and email in the Theatrix Mailbox, located in the copy room of Temple 215 (M-F 7am-4pm). Or, submit electronically to

2014 Fall Season

For more information, visit Upcoming Shows.