Undergraduate Research Position

Undergraduate Internship: Programming Robots for Remote Surgery.

UNL is partnering with the Department of Defense Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) to develop a new surgical robot. We are looking for a student to help design the telepresence system for the robot. The system will enable: In vivo telepresence, which includes collaboration regarding control of the surgical robot to perform various surgical tasks, such as identification and manipulation of tissues and organs, surgical procedures, etc. Ex vivo telepresence, which includes collaboration regarding the establishment of the location and orientation of the surgical ports, setup of the surgical robot, and other ex vivo (bedside) interactions between the surgeon, the operating room staff, and the patient that occur during the surgery.

Preferred requirements:
1) Taken (or currently enrolled in) CSCE 310
2) GPA of 3.4 or higher
4) Interest in learning how to program network protocols
5) No medical knowledge is necessary.

Pay is $12/hour. The start date is flexible: you may start work part time this (Spring) semester and/or start full time by May 16th. Please send resume and  cover letter to bterry2@unl.edu.


Contact Professor Terry regarding undergraduate research opportunities in the TRL. Funding for undergradate research in the TRL typically comes through the UCARE program, although other opportunities may be available.