Graduate and undergraduate students


              The Terry Research Lab is looking for a strong GRA and undergraduate candidates in the area of Systems, Design and Controls.  The research project is part of an established collaboration with Agriculture, Biological Systems, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.  The GRA will work in the area of system design and controls for a complex robotic system to be used for outdoor field-scale phenotyping.  Work will be carried out in the areas of prototype design, analysis of static and dynamic loads, and controller design for the system.

               The project requires obtaining precise, highly accurate, and repeatable measurements of plant spectral reflectance, thermal emission, and physical configuration for the research of plant breeding.  The prototype device will be based on a cable-suspended platform for locomotion above crops for field-scale data collection.  The prototype must be an integrated platform designed for accurate positioning and stabilization while on-board sensors collect data.  The proposed robotic platform will also need to operate in an outdoor environment (i.e. it must withstand Nebraska weather).  A team of researchers are working to collaborate on this project and carry out the design, assembly and testing of the proposed platform.

If Interested, Please Contact:

Dr. Benjamin Terry

Terry Research Lab, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

W317.4B Nebraska Hall



Contact Professor Terry regarding undergraduate research opportunities in the TRL. Funding for undergradate research in the TRL typically comes through the UCARE program, although other opportunities may be available.