Postdoc and Graduate Research Assistant Positions Available


The Terry Research Lab is looking for strong Postdoc and GRA candidates in the area of Biomedical Engineering.

 Postdoc compensation is $55,000/year with benefits (including partial tuition benefit).

 GRA compensation is $1,800-$1,900/month depending on experience. Tuition remission and partial health insurance benefits are included for graduate students.

 Project goal: Develop & validate a peritoneal microbubble oxygenation system.

 Project description: NSRI/NU will develop and validate proof-of-concept peritoneal microbubble oxygenation as a mitigation strategy for Acute Respiratory Distress System (ARDS). Previous studies have demonstrated this technology has potential to provide a simple and inexpensive therapy to mitigate pulmonary failure on a mass scale. The technology provides rapid oxygen delivery without anticoagulants, which can be problematic in traumatic injury cases. A portable system could provide sufficient levels of blood oxygenation to enable survivable transportation from remote and far-forward environments to field and rear-area hospitals. Before this portable system can be developed into a prototype, additional studies are needed including engineering scale-up production of oxygen microbubbles (OMB), validation of the treatment in multiple injury models, and studies in large animal models.

Please Contact:

Dr. Benjamin Terry

Terry Research Lab, Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

W317.4B Nebraska Hall




Contact Professor Terry regarding undergraduate research opportunities in the TRL. Funding for undergradate research in the TRL typically comes through the UCARE program, although other opportunities may be available.