Anthropology at Nebraska

We go beyond other disciplines that ask what it is to be human. We attack this critical question holistically, comprehending the human condition from interconnected perspectives of biology, behavior, and society, and the legacies and distant echoes of each.

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We synthesize the knowledge and approaches from the social sciences, natural sciences and the humanities to study humankind — from its earliest evolutionary ancestors to its contemporary challenges and successes.

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We strengthen our approach by combining traditional anthropological subdisciplines of archaeology, biological and cultural anthropology.

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Through coursework, laboratory and fieldwork, we train students to identify, understand and address a wide range of problems, with intermeshed social, biological, material, and environmental dimensions.

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Our versatile graduates go on to a wide range of careers— in medicine, law, preservation, NGOs, and business— all of which provide opportunities to pursue the kind of determined, human-centered, inquisition and research that thrills them most.

These opportunities start by asking “what if?” — which brings our students here.

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Let curiosity move you to start your story at the College of Arts and Sciences. With over 30 majors in the college alone, specialized programs of study to match any interest area, the opportunity for hands-on experience through our nationally-acclaimed undergraduate research program, and a campus located at the heart of an innovative college city community of over 250,000 people, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers the ideal Big Ten collegiate experience for students at an affordable cost.

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