Membership and Terms (from Operating Procedures of APC)

Academic Planning Committee Members 2023-2024

Faculty Representatives
NameDepartmentEmailPhoneTerm Expires
Beth Doll Educational Psychology (representing Business, Education & Social Sciences) 402-472-2223 7/31/24
Elizabeth Theiss-Morse Political Science (representing Business, Education & Social Sciences) 402-472-2343 7/31/24
Mehmet Can Vuran1 School of Computing (representing Physical Sciences) 402-472-5019 7/31/24
Sabrina Russo School of Biological Sciences (representing Biological Sciences) 402-472-8387 7/31/25
Susan Ourada Glenn Korff School of Music (representing Arts & Humanities) 402-472-5803 7/31/25
Ken Bloom Physics & Astronomy (representing Physical Sciences) 402-472-6093 7/31/25
Ann Tschetter History (representing non-tenure track faculty) 402-472-3284 7/31/26
Joan Latta Konecky University Libraries (representing Arts & Humanities) 402-472-4281 7/31/26
Clay Cressler School of Biological Sciences (representing Biological Sciences) 402-472-2720 7/31/26
Graduate Council Representative
NameDepartmentEmailPhoneTerm Expires
Jennifer Clarke2 Food Science & Technology 402-472-2512 7/31/24
Academic Dean Representative
NameDepartmentEmailPhoneTerm Expires
Mark Button College of Arts & Sciences 402-472-6262 7/31/23
Tiffany Heng-Moss

CASNR 402-472-2797 7/31/24

Vice Chancellors
NameDepartmentEmailPhoneTerm Expires
Michael Boehm Vice Chancellor, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 402-472-2871 ex officio
Katherine Ankerson Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs 402-472-3751 ex officio
Sherri Jones Interim Vice Chancellor, Research & Economic Development 402-472-3123 ex officio
Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN) Representatives
NameDepartmentEmailTerm Expires
Katie Mowat ASUN Graduate ex officio
Paul Pechous ASUN Undergraduate ex officio
APC Secretary
NameEmailPhoneTerm Expires
Josh Davis 402-472-2116 ex officio
Faculty Senate President (or Designee)
NameEmailPhoneTerm Expires
Deb Minter 402-472-3191 7/31/2024
Coordinator of Faculty Governance (UNL Faculty Senate and Academic Planning Committee)
NameEmailPhoneTerm Expires
Karen Griffin 402-472-2573 non-member


Long-Range Planning Committee - Jennifer Clarke, Tiffany Heng-Moss, Paul Pechous, Joan Latta Konecky, Deb Minter, Clay Cressler.

Project Initiation Request Committee - Josh Davis, Joan Latta-Konecky, Christine Kelley

University-Wide Aesthetics Review Committee (ARC) Member - Elizabeth Theiss-Morse

University Curriculum Committee (UCC) Member - Ann Tschetter

When the Procedures to be Invoked for Significant Budget Reallocations and Reductions is enacted by the Chancellor, two representatives from the Staff Senate (typically the Staff Senate President and Vice President for Internal Affairs) will serve on the APC

1 APC Committee Chair

2. APC Vice Chair & Chair-Elect