Fall Syllabus

Spring Syllabus

Term Paper Guidelines

Section 1 Reading Materials (Crime, Deviance and Justice):

"Justice, and the Justice Network"

"Liberty vs Order"

Justice Quotes 1

Justice Quotes 2

"Justice," Wikipedia

The Role of Criminology on the Global Stage

"Night of the Long Knives,"  Wikipedia

Investigation of the Ferguson (Missouri) Police Department, U.S. Department of Justice


Section 2 Reading Materials (Genocide):

Genocide class lecture outline

Link to a documentary on genocide, "Worse Than War"

Link to the movie, "The Act of Killing"

Link to the movie, "Hotel Rwanda"

Link to the movie, "Blood Diamond"

Link to the movie, "The Killing Fields"

Link to the documentary, "Nanking"

Link to the documentary, "Rape of Nanking"

Link to the documentary, "The Armenian Genocide"

Link to a documentary on the Rohingya Genocide


15 Worst Genocides in History, by Fidanakis

The Secret War Crime (Genocide by Rape), by Baker

"Court Hears Khmer Rouge Slit Prisoner Throats, Ate Organs," AFP Press

Pol Pot interview

Painting of the Rape of Nanjing, from the Nanjing Holocaust Museum

Photo of 23 Year-old Joseph Stalin

Photo of 33 Year-old Mao Zedong

Link to the documentary, "The World at War - Genocide" (video regarding the Holocaust)

Dachau: The Medical Experiments, by Blaha

Birkenau Extermination Camp, by Bendel

Auschwitz: The Gas Chamber, by Litwinska

Holocaust Testimony

Lt. Erwin Bingel's account of the massacres in Uman and Vinnitsa

The Last Jew in Vinnitsa, 1941

Execution of Jews in Kiev

Link to the movie, "Miracle at Midnight"

Link to the movie, "Wallenberg:  A Hero's Story"

Link to the movie, "The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler"

Link to the documentary, "Warsaw Uprising"

The Most Destroyed City in the World:  Warsaw in Ruins 1944 (video)

Photo of Warsaw after the Warsaw Uprising

Photo of Reinhardt Heydrich (taken in 1942)

Photo of the Schoner, Halmo

Synanon, drawn from Ofshe

Section 3 Reading Materials (International Law):

International Law class lecture outline

Photo of Adolph Eichmann (taken in 1940)

"International Court of Justice," Wikipedia

Twenty-Two International Crimes in the Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice

"International Criminal Court," Wikipedia

"Permanent Court of Arbitration," Wikipedia

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia," Wikipedia

Yugoslavian War Crime Tribunal articles

The Making of a Monster, by di Giovanni

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda," Wikipedia

International Law, by Friedman

"Justice and the Killing Fields," The Economist

International Law and Crimes of the State

INTERPOL, by Imhoff and Butler 

Section 4 Reading Materials (8th Amendment & the Death Penalty):

Class lecture powerpoints - Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment Updates, U.S. Department of Justice

Capital Punishment in China

Capital Punishment in England

Capital Punishment in India

Capital Punishment in Japan

Capital Punishment in Russia

Capital Punishment in Saudi Arabia

Capital Punishment in Texas

Death Penalty Facts, ProCon.org

Death Penalty Information Center

International Death Sentences and Executions: 2015, Amnesty International

U.S. Death Penalty Facts, Amnesty International

"America's Death Row has Run out of Room," by McSpadden

"Why More Americans Want to Kill the Death Penalty," by Schulzke

The Death of the Death Penalty, by von Drehle

Pope Francis call for Abolishing Death Penalty and Life Imprisonment, by Rocca

"20,000 Watched the Last Public Hanging 78 Years Ago," by Murrmann


Misc. Reading Materials:

Crime and Justice in Venezuela - Part 1

Crime and Justice in Venezuela - Part 2

China's Criminal Justice System, by Belkin

The Criminal Justice System of Japan

The Criminal Justice System of India, by Thilagaraj

Australia and the U.S.:  Two Common Justice Systems Uncommonly at Odds (Part 1), by Marcus and Waye

Australia and the U.S.:  Two Common Justice Systems Uncommonly at Odds (Part 2), by Marcus and Waye

The Legal System of Russia

The Legal System of England

The Legal System of Saudi Arabia

The Legal System of the Republic of Turkey

The Legal System of Brazil

Explaining Imprisonment in Europe, by Lappi-Seppala

Crime and Justice in Germany, by Oberwittler of Hofer 

Human Trafficking in Scotland, by Lebov

Criminology, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Lithuania, by Dobryninas and Sakalauskas

Self-Reported Youth Delinquency in Europe and Beyond, by Enzmann, et al

Criminology, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Slovenia, by Mesko and Jere

Crime and Criminal Justice in Poland, by Krajewski

Crime and Justice in Spain, by Barberet

Crime and Justice in France, by Maillard and Roche

Crime, Crime Control, and Criminology in Post-Communist Estonia, by Saar

Insecurities about Crime in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, by Gerber, et al

Crime and Criminology in Sweden, by Estrada, et al

Crime, Criminal Justice, and Criminology in Belgium, by Daems, et al

Crime and Justice in Switzerland, by Eisner and Killias

Crime, Criminal Justice, and Criminology in Greece, by Lambropoulou

Criminology and Criminal Justice in Malta, by Calafato and Knepper

Crime and Justice in the Republic of Ireland, by O'Donnell

Tough on Crime, Soft on Constitutional Guarantees:  The Case of Hungary, by Hack and Fleck

Criminology, Crime, and Criminal Justice in Finland , by Lappi-Seppala

Crime, Criminology and Criminal Justice in Scotland, by McAra

Multiple Identities and Crime:  A Study of Antillean Women and Girls in the Netherlands, by Althoff 

Criminology in the Netherlands, by Swaaningen

Crime and Criminal Policy in Iceland, by Olafsdottir and Bragodottir

The Judicial System of Iran

Crime in Mexico

Crime in South Africa

Crime in Russia

Crime in Brazil

Sunnis v. Shiites, CBS Sunday Morning (4/5/15)

The Rise of ISIS, Frontline (10/28/14)