Q.  Where is my lab located?

A.  All introductory physics labs are located in Jorgensen Hall.  The UNL campus map can guide you to the building.  All sections of a lab are held in the same room.  The list below includes the rooms for all 100 and 200 level labs.  Each room has a sign posted which labels the lab that meets in the room.

  • Physics 141 lab - JH 111
  • Physics 142 lab - JH 137
  • Physics 153 lab - JH 111
  • Physics 221 lab - JH 131
  • Physics 222 lab - JH 141
  • Physics 223 lab - JH 241
  • Physics 231 lab - JH 241
  • Physics 262 lab - JH 141


Q:  If I am taking an introductory (100 or 200 level) physics lecture, do I have to take a lab with it?

A:  This answer depends on the lecture class.  In fact there are only seven introductory physics lectures that have labs associated with them.  The list is as follows

  • Physics 141 Lecture - Physics 141 lab is required
  • Physics 142 Lecture - Physics 142 lab is required
  • Physics 151 Lecture - Physics 153 lab is optional.  Physics 153 students attend 141 labs to receive their optional lab credit
  • Physics 211 Lecture - Physics 221 lab is optional. Ask your advisor.
  • Physics 212 Lecture - Physics 222 lab is optional. Ask your advisor.
  • Physics 213 Lecture - Physics 223 lab is optional. Ask your advisor.
  • Physics 231 Lecture - Physics 231 lab is required.
  • Physics 260 Lecture - Physics 262 lab is optional. Ask your advisor.


Q:  What happens if I miss my lab?

A:  Again, this depends on the lab you are registered for.  In general one must contact the lab manager to arrange for a make-up lab.  This can only be arranged for the week that the experiment is available in the room the lab is held.  Since new experiments are arranged each week, it is very difficult to have experiments out in the room over several weeks, so a make-up lab must be arranged within the week it is missed. If the entire week of one experiment is missed, one should contact the lab manager about the possibility of getting an excused absence.


Q:  I don't like my lab section, what can I do about that?

A:  UNL registration and records allows students to switch sections or classes in general, during the first week of classes each semester, for a small fee.  Check the UNL academic calender to see when the deadline for this is each semester.  If you prefer a different section/time, then you are welcome to swich before this deadline, assuming the section you prefer is open.  After the deadline is passed, only the MOST extreme circumstances will be acceptable reasons to switch a lab section.


Q:  What are my options if the lab section I want to register for is full?

A:  If you are trying to register for a lab on MyRed, and it is full, then there are a few choices, depending on your situation. 

  1. First and foremost, one should always try getting on the waitlist for the lab section you desire.  This is done on MyRed.  If you are first on the waitlist and a seat opens up in the lab section you want, then you are automatically placed in the lab.
  2. If there is no waitlist, then you should contact the Physics Department main office, Jorgensen Hall room 208.
  3. If you are on the waitlist for a long period of time and still cannot get in the lab, then you should consider registering for another section that has open seats.
  4. If you decide to attend another section with open seats or decide to drop the course, then you MUST remove yourself from the waitlist.  If you do not, then you will be automatically registered for the unwanted lab, if a spot opens up.
  5. If you stay on a waitlist into the beginning of the semester, you are welcome to attend your desired lab section for the first lab only.  When you show up to the first lab, you should ask the TA to help you and see if there are any open seats (most labs can have no more than 24 students).  If there is an open seat, then you must go to the Physics main office to become registered for that lab section.
  6. By the second lab you MUST register and attend a lab with an open seat.
  7. The last possible choice is to discuss your situation with the lab manager and see if any other arrangements can be made.