Kelsey McIntyre

Amanda Hovseth
Hometown: Scottsbluff, NE
Year of Study: Senior
Major(s): English
Minor(s): Psychology
Future Life Plans: Continue on to graduate school and write Fiction Novels. 
Favorite Piece of Writing: The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas
Superhero Name: I'm too good at my job for anyone to prove I actually exist; therefore, I have never been named. 
Favorite/least favorite writing: I do not like having to fill out applications for anything because I feel awkward "selling" myself.
Part of speech you would be and why: The ellipses because I don't know what I'd do without it. As states, "...[E]xpress hesitation, changes of mood, suspense, or thoughts trailing off. Writers also use ellipses to indicate a pause or wavering in an otherwise straightforward sentence." 
Hobbies: I enjoy writing, there anything else really? Oh wait, traveling...but not without a good book.


Rebecca Johnson

Amy Kenyon
Hometown: Papillion, NE
Year of Study: Senior
Major(s): English, Theatre Secondary Education
Future Life Plans: Teach high school or middle school
Favorite Piece of Writing: In 2nd grade I wrote a series of short stories about the adventures of our classroom hamster.
Superhero Name: Mary Poppins (I keep a lot of useful supplies in my backpack.)
Favorite/least favorite writing: For a fiction writing class, we were told to go to an unfamiliar place, observe people, and make up a story about their lives.
Part of speech you would be and why: I would be a colon because it helps you organize lists, quotes, and other additional information while keeping things neat.
Hobbies: Drinking coffee, watching Netflix, and petting cats.


Brittanie Witter

Colton Heitzman
Hometown: Emerson, NE
Year of Study: Senior
Major(s): English and History
Future Life Plans: Survive (preferably off writing)
Favorite Piece of Writing: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adams
Superhero Name: Alias
Favorite/least favorite writing: Very constrained word count fiction writing (to both)
Part of speech you would be and why: Ellipsis. . . because it's overused on the Internet. 
Hobbies: Anime and analyzing it on message forums, video games, comic books and their film/television adaptations, history (particularly ancient history and feudal societies), and writing fiction.


Abby Lingo

Erin M. Bertram
Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL
Year of Study: 2nd year PhD
Major(s): Creative Writing and Poetry
Minor(s): Women's and Gender Studies
Future Life Plans: Write books, become a professor, visit all 50 states before I'm 40, become a Zen teacher, travel regularly, go backpacking, go scuba diving, learn to play the concertina, keep being involved in LGBTQ advocacy
Favorite Piece of Writing: These days, it's a tie between Maggie Nelson's Bluets and Ariane Zwartjes's Detailing Trauma: A Poetic Anatomy
Favorite/least favorite writing: Writing postcards
Superhero Name: Super B?
Part of speech you would be and why: The em-dash: it seems to help writers articulate the way the mind works via association, interruptions, asides, and pauses
Hobbies: Reading, writing, walking, Zen, travel of any kind, movies, drumming, ukulele, adventures in the great outdoors, observing 


Daniel Nyikos

Jimmy Russell
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Year of Study: Senior
Major(s): English Education
Future Life Plans: Teaching the youth of America
Pavorite Piece of Writing: My favorite piece of writing was this Pokemon story I wrote when I was six
Superhero Name: JimJam FlimFlam
Favorite/least favorite writing: My least favorite writing adssignment was having to contruct a group paper. What's up with that?
Part of speech you would be and why: I identify the most with the question mark because I like(or at least find myself often) asking questions and I don't know what's going on.
Hobbies: Preparing and eating red meat, playing Pokemon, and exercising


Charity Regennitter

Kara Cosentino
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Year of Study: Senior
Major(s): English
Minor(s):  Business
Your Superhero Name: Style Master
Part of speech you would be and why: I would choose to be a quotation mark because not only do I enjoy conversations--both talking and listening, but I believe there is a lot said even without speaking.
Hobbies: Writing (obviously--probably a required hobby to work at the Writing Center), riding horses, spending time with friends


Adi Martinez

Kate Pierson
Hometown: Minden, NE
Year of Study: Grad student
Major(s): Writing center studies, 19th-century studies, composition and rhetoric
Future Life Plans: Making the most of it
Pavorite Piece of Writing: The Years of Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro and the last few pages of Possession by A.S. Byatt and all personal letters I've received
Superhero Name: Mama
Favorite/least favorite writing: What can I say, I like everything!
Part of speech you would be and why: The dash. Because it's liberating.
Hobbies: Mostly reading and writing, but roller skating and ping pong too!


Allie O'Dell

Katie Schmid Henson
Hometown: Evanston, IL
Years of Study: 2nd year PhD
Major(s): Creative Writing
Ambition: to have a career in screenwriting/direction
Favorite Piece of Writing: Any poetry by Frank Bidart
Superhero Name: Ole Hatchet Henson
Favorite/least favorite writing: Though I love helping people write personal statements, writing them myself bums me out. 
Part of speech you would be and why: ALL HAIL THE EM DASH
Hobbies: Pretending to know how to knit, narrating the thoughts of my dog, eating junk food.


Eric Holt

Katie McWain
Hometown: Kansas City
Years of Study: 2nd year PhD
Major(s): English, Composition and Rhetoric
Future Life Plans: Hopefully being a professor!
Favorite Piece of Writing: Impossible question
Superhero Name: The Untangler
Favorite/least favorite writing: I enjoy braided essays
Part of speech you would be and why: Can I choose caps lock? I love shouting. 
Hobbies: Coffee, Netflix, yoga, and dogs

Jill Wiest

Lucy Koch
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Years of Study: Junior
Major(s): English/Ethnic Studies
Minor(s): Business/African American Studies/History
Future Life Plans: Graduate from college, maybe law school
Favorite Piece of Writing: Harry Potter by JK Rowling
Superhero Name: Audible
Favorite/least favorite writing: Creative non-fiction
Part of speech you would be and why: Exclamation point- it's an emotionally charged mark and represents my personality effectively
Hobbies: Watching Netflix, walking my dog, writing, crafting


Marcus Meade

Maddy Breeling
Hometown: Omaha, NE
Years of Study: Sophomore
Major(s): Global Studies
Minor(s): Business and Spanish
Futue Life Plans: Move to South America, teach English and become a professional traveler
Favorite Piece of Writing: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Superhero Name: I would be a villian
Favorite/least favorite writing: My least favorite thing to do is teaching obscure citation styles
Part of speech you would be and why: Exclamation point because I am loud and get excited about things
Hobbies: I enjoy soccer and football, watching Netflix, and drinking copious amounts of coffee.


Jordan Bates

Natalie Wiebelhaus
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Years of Study: Junior
Major(s): English and Global Studies 
Minor(s): Arabic, National Security Studies, and Human Rights & Humanitarian Affairs

Future Life Plans: Graduate from college
Favorite Piece of Writing: I heart the Bible
Superhero Name: Zephyra Sonance (zef-er-a so-nuh-ns)
Favorite/least favorite writing: Poetry
Part of speech you would be and why: / because I like options and complex definitions
Hobbies: I like to listen to music constantly. I spend a lot of time with my friends, friendship is my hobby. I like to write poetry when I'm supposed to be writing something else. I'm involved in a Christian student group on campus called The Rock. I like to people watch.


Patrick Sather

Wyn Andrews Richards
Hometown: Lincoln, NE
Years of Study: Senior
Major(s): English/Communications
Future Life Plans: I want to be a university professor focusing on community literacy and narratives of poverty. And, go to Costa Rica to visit a sloth sanctuary! I heart sloths!
Favorite Piece of Writing: The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Superhero Name: Wasabi Girl
Favorite/least favorite writing: I am a terrible poet!
Part of speech you would be and why: !!!! Because I am loud!!!!
Hobbies: Bob's Burgers and most of the work of H. Jon Benjamin, singing, motherhood, social justice, world cuisine, and SLOTHS!


Pumpkin Marie Green

Pumpkin Marie Green
Hometown: Morristown, NJ
Year of Study: 6th year guide dog, PhD
Major(s):  guiding, napping, basketball
Minor(s): snoring
Ambition: to become a farm dog!
Favorite Book: Whatever happens to be on my human’s floor
Favorite Music:  Greenies
Favorite Food(s): meat and popcorn (but only if its salted or buttered)
Superhero Name: Pumpkin monster
Hobbies: playing basketball, chasing horses, licking unsuspecting victims
Favorite Vacation Spot: grandma and grandpa’s house in Omaha


Rachel Azima

Rachel Azima
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Nicole Green

Nicole Green