Garden Friends

UNL Garden Friends Logo

The UNL Garden Friends is one of two Friends Groups (also see Friends of Maxwell) that support and help maintain excellence in the UNL Botanical Garden and Arboretum.

The UNL Garden Friends have established the following goals

  • To support The Garden and its development as a significant part of the mission of UNL.
  • To encourage use of The Garden through outreach, promoting it as a resource for the people of Nebraska.
  • To enhance the experiences of visitors by providing information about the ideology of The Garden and its collections.
  • To assist in raising funds for special projects.

Founded in 1992

The mission of the UNL Garden Friends shall be to support and encourage the goals and projects of The Garden as determined by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln administration and staff. Furthermore, the Friends shall serve as ambassadors for The Garden, creating in the people of Nebraska a sense of ownership and participation.


Projects completed with the support of Garden Friends include:

  • Restoration of Love Library Gates
  • Completion of Maxwell Arboretum Vine Arbor - Phase I
  • Improvements to Love and Cather Gardens through a generous donation from the Ken Good Estate
  • Perin Porch plantings
  • Westbrook Courtyard and the Kimball Hall repair and plantings

Future Projects

  • New landscape project to enhance the plantings at the East Campus Mall building entrances
  • Morrill Hall wall planting


If you have questions about the UNL Garden Friends, call (402) 472-1229

Founding Members

  • Alice Abel
  • Catherine Angle
  • David E. Asche
  • Wilbur Dasenbrock
  • Kit Dimon
  • Susan Evnen
  • Michele Angle Farrar
  • Luann and Richard Finke
  • T.O. Haas
  • Ken Hake
  • James W. Hewitt
  • Linda Hillegass
  • Karl and Margaret Indriksons
  • Dianne W. Kennedy
  • Robert E. Knoll
  • Dottie Kuester
  • Suzie Lewis
  • Linda Mach
  • Monica Norby
  • Marilyn Paulson
  • Allison Petersen
  • Glenda Peterson
  • Hope Robb
  • Linda Rohman
  • William C. Smith
  • Kim Todd
  • Bryan Van Deun
  • D.B. Varner
  • JoAnn I. Weaver
  • Diane Wilson
  • Donna Woods
  • Joseph O. Young