East Campus: Pfister Iris Garden

Magdaline Pfister Appreciation Iris Garden

Iris flowers

Award winning and named varieties of iris provide a spectacular display each spring. This garden has been a cooperative venture between the Lincoln Iris Society and the UNL Department of Landscape services for over 20 years.

Iris Flowers
Iris Flowers
Variety Name Hybridizer Type
Holy Night K. Mohr Tall Bearded
Constant Companion C. Marsh Intermediate Bearded
Joy Joy Joy A. Ensminger Tall Bearded
Emerald Sunrise E. Kalkwarf Tall Bearded
Hook T. Johnson Tall Bearded
Morning Show A. Ensminger Intermediate Bearded
Very Varied A. Ensminger Border Bearded
Madeline Ruth D. Lionberger Tall Bearded
Vavoom A. Ensminger Standard Dwarf Bearded
Night Flame T. Aitken Tall Bearded
Elderberry Wine D. Lionberger Tall Bearded
Pennyworth A. Ensminger Intermediate Bearded
Jillaroo A. Ensminger Standard Dwarf Bearded
Willow Ware A. Ensminger Intermediate Bearded
Solar Song A. Ensminger Standard Dwarf Bearded
George Thaiias R. Flick Tall Bearded
Leopard Print T. Johnson Standard Dwarf Bearded
Beverly Ann R. Smith Border Bearded
In The Buff R. Sobek Intermediate Bearded
Tantara A. Ensminger Standard Dwarf Bearded
Bess Streeter Aldrich D. Douglas Tall Bearded
Age Of Innocence R. Clinefelter Tall Bearded
Pansy Patch R. Clinefelter Tall Bearded
Sings So Softly A. Ensminger Tall Bearded
Capricious Candles L. Meininger Tall Bearded
Pacific Cloud L. Lauer Tall Bearded
Southwest Silver Haze A. Pyburn Tall Bearded
Oh So Cool O. Wulf Miniature Tall Bearded
Funny Freckle Face O. Wulf Miniature Tall Bearded
Good And True A. Ensminger Intermediate Bearded
Iris Bohnsack A. Ensminger Border Bearded
Acey Deucey A. Ensminger Standard Dwarf Bearded
Ajax The Less A. Ensminger Standard Dwarf Bearded
Minikin A. Ensminger Miniature Dwarf Bearded
What Again A. Ensminger Standard Dwarf Bearded
Little Honey Bunny O. Wulf Miniature Tall Bearded
Emphasis K. Keppel Tall Bearded
Innocence B. Marsh Tall Bearded
Maid So Pretty O. Wulf Tall Bearded
Golden Rial A. Ensminger Tall Bearded
City of Lincoln H. P. Sass Tall Bearded
Pleased As Punch A. Ensminger Intermediate Bearded
Up To Snuff A. Ensminger Intermediate Bearded
Pert A. Ensminger Standard Dwarf Bearded
Pug E. Kalkwarf Miniature Tall Bearded
Richly Deserved O. Wulf Border Bearded
Magdalene A. Scheve Tall Bearded
Sonja's Selah A. Ensminger Border Bearded
Robin's Nest C. Coleman/J. Adams Standard Dwarf Bearded
Zipper D. Sindt Miniature Dwarf Bearded
Soloman's Seal A. Ensminger Tall Bearded
Gladys My Love A. Ensminger Tall Bearded
Wings Of Lace O. Wulf Miniature Tall Bearded
Keeping Up Appearances P. Black Tall Bearded
Ambition B. Hager Spuria
Sunny Day H. P. Sass Spuria
Copper Trident B. Hager Spuria
Clark Cosgrove B. Hager Spuria
Velvet Night P. Edwards Siberian
Gull's Wing W. McGarvey by J. Wadekamper Siberian
Helicopter H. Shidara by B. Hager Siberian
Pink Haze W. McGarvey Siberian
Lemon Veil B. Bauer/J. Coble Siberian
Hooked Again J. Copeland Siberian
Better Times Franklin Herbaceous Peony
Amalia Olson Olson Herbaceous Peony
Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt Franklin Herbaceous Peony

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