Plant Lipid Biology The Cahoon Lab

Greenhouse plants

basic and applied plant lipid metabolism research

The Cahoon lab conducts basic and applied research on plant lipid metabolism. The goals of our research are to enhance the nutritional and industrial value of crop plants and to probe the synthesis and function of bioactive lipids for nutritional biofortification and improved agronomic performance of crops.


We are a group of researchers from around the globe. Expertise in the Cahoon lab ranges from molecular and synthetic biology to biochemistry and metabolic engineering. Students and trainees work alongside experienced researchers to develop their both their laboratory skills and soft skills.


With more than two decades experience in the field, the Cahoon lab conducts world-class research that is published in the scientific community's most respected journals.


The Cahoon lab is dedicated to educating not only future scientists but also the public. We regularly engage with community members and students state-wide to teach about how we do our science, and why it is important.