EEB Listserv

Ecology, Evolution & Behavior email list at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

This email list contains all faculty, graduate students, and post-docs with EEB interests at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The list is designed to be used for announcements, seminars, or general information.

To send a message to everyone on the list

  • send an email message to: EEB@UNL.EDU

To subscribe via email

  • send an e-mail message to: LISTSERV@UNL.EDU
  • In the message field (NOT the Subject) type: SUBSCRIBE EEB
    NOTE: Do not include a signature block, as Listserv will try to interpret each line as a command. Leave the subject blank

To unsubscribe via email

  • Send an e-mail message to: LISTSERV@UNL.EDU
  • In the Message Field (NOT the Subject) type: UNSUBSCRIBE EEB

To modify your settings via a web-based interface

If you encounter problems or are unable to get this method to work, then send an email message to EEB-OWNER@UNL.EDU and ask to be added to the list (this message will be forwarded to a human being).