Invitation to Correspond re. Current Budget Issues - FY 2002 & 2003 Budget Reduction Process

Invitation to Correspond re. Current Budget Issues

JUNE 25, 2002

Chancellor Harvey Perlman,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Chancellor Perlman has invited inquiries (via email) from the campus community, to which he responds in periodic emails-to-all. The following text is from Chancellor Perlman's initial email inviting correspondence regarding current budget issues.

  Dear Colleagues:

During the last few days I have received several e-mails from faculty and staff relating to the salary decisions and the budget issues. Some were supportive, others were critical, several offered suggestions or asked questions. In the course of reading and answering them I was reminded that there may be useful suggestions that we should consider but that also there is some degree of misunderstanding about how the University and its budgeting works.

As you all know, we may be facing some very difficult decisions in the weeks ahead. We need a mechanism to respond to rumors and assumptions. In the past I have tried to respond to all e-mails directly to the writer, but I think a broader distribution of both the question and the response might be helpful, particularly if we are to confront another budget reduction. Accordingly, this is what I propose. If you have a concern or question or suggestion please e-mail it to me. I will collect those that have general applicability or interest and periodically answer them in an e-mail to all. I will NOT identify the individual who raises an issue but if you are still concerned about anonymity you can send me your comment by snail mail.

This is not a mechanism to lodge complaints about an individual (unless of course it's about me which is fair game). It is, hopefully, a way to get a question or concern answered or to make a suggestion that might be helpful. In sharing your concern and my response with the rest of the University community, I hope we can all focus on the real choices and issues we may face. In my response I will be as forthcoming as good prudence allows. Since one or more of our colleagues systematically forward my e-mails to the media, I may have to be more guarded than I would like.

I hope you will use this system and that you will find it helpful.



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