Tenure Positions - FY 2003-04 & 2004-05 Budget Reduction Process

Policies and Procedures to be Invoked for Tenure, Tenure-Track and Equivalent-Rank Faculty whose Positions are Eliminated through Program Eliminations
MARCH 10, 2003

Office of the Chancellor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Because of the number and size of budget reductions recently experienced by UNL, it is likely that academic programs will be proposed for elimination, and with them positions filled with tenured, tenure-track and equivalent-rank faculty. This is an extraordinary step, not taken lightly and one that requires adherence to the Board of Regents Bylaws and the campus's principle that "Participants in the process must be sensitive to the relevant guidelines of the American Association of University Professors."

In response to the Bylaws and the call for sensitivity to AAUP guidelines, the following policies and procedures are being instituted for tenured, tenure-track and equivalent-rank faculty whose positions are being eliminated.

I.   Notice: Tenured faculty, tenure-track faculty in the third year and beyond, as well as equivalent rank faculty will be given 12 months notice that their programs and their positions have been eliminated. The position of any faculty in the first or second year of their tenure clock in eliminated programs will end with the conclusion of the spring semester of the academic year in which they receive notice of termination.
II.   Early Retirement: The Board of Regents approved an early retirement benefit that will be available up to June 30, 2003. This plan will be available to all faculty, including faculty whose positions will be eliminated. These faculty may wish to give careful consideration to this option. Representatives of TIAA-CREF and Fidelity will make special visits to campus to plan with those considering this option.
III.   Other employment: The administration will work to find suitable alternative employment for tenured faculty. Outcomes will necessarily be limited by resources available and UNL cannot guarantee success in every case. For all faculty seeking another position of any type:

A.   The Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs’ Office or the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Agriculture and Natural Resources will serve as a primary point of contact for all faculty to provide referrals to other campus resources.
B.   Faculty will retain full access to UNL owned PCs currently assigned to them for 24 months following the date of notification of termination.
C.   Each faculty member whose position is eliminated will have available a personalized letter from his/her dean specifying that the individual’s separation from UNL was solely a result of the elimination of their program caused by imposed budget reductions and was not a function of the individual’s performance.
D.   Faculty impacted by the budget reductions will have access to all employment services available to members of the Alumni Association, including access to the career placement service "ExecuPlanet." While some services have a charge associated with them, others offered by ExecuPlanet are free to Association members and, thus, faculty affected by the budget reduction.
E.   Career Services will provide consultation on updating vitae, interview skills and networking, as well as methods for seeking a new position.
F.   Faculty wishing to seek another faculty position:

1.   The Academic Vice Chancellors’ Offices will collect vitae from all faculty wishing to participate to create a central file of available faculty. This file will be circulated to institutions of higher education in the state of Nebraska, including UNO, UNK, and UNMC.
2.   The Chronicle of Higher Education, AAAS, as well as many professional organizations offer free websites to facilitate searches for academic positions.
3.   The dean of each faculty member will assist and advise each faculty member in attempting to secure another academic position, including any vacancies within the college.
G.   Faculty wishing to seek a position in private industry:

1.   In addition to the steps outlined in "III" a panel consisting of former faculty who are now successfully employed in the private sector will be made available to those faculty wishing to pursue this course of action.
2.   The UNL Entrepreneurship Center and UNO's Small Business Development Center will be asked to offer consultation services for those affected faculty considering beginning a private business.
3.   The Lincoln and Omaha Chambers of Commerce will be contacted to facilitate possible opportunities for affected faculty in private industry in the Lincoln/Omaha communities.
4.   Contacts are being developed with the LPS, OPS and NEA to determine the possibility of faculty acting as mentors to gifted students.
H.   Faculty wishing to seek employment with a governmental agency:

1.   Career Services will consult with faculty regarding how to access such career opportunities and the most effective manner to seek employment.
2.   The State Department of Labor and City Human Resources will be made aware of the talents and experience of faculty losing their positions.
I.   Units losing General Fund support may wish to consider reorganizing as units supported by grants and contracts on a non-state aided basis. Grants and Contracts and other campus units may provide helpful input.
IV.   The following additional resources will be available to all tenured, tenure track and equivalent rank faculty whose positions are eliminated as a result of program termination:

A.   For 24 months following the date of notification of termination, EAP services will be available to those impacted by the budget reduction.
B.   Under federal law, COBRA provides for inclusion in the University health and dental insurance program for 18 months at employee expense.
C.   As required by law, those whose positions are terminated as a result of the budget reduction are eligible for unemployment insurance, beginning one week after the end of employment for up to 26 weeks. The current maximum benefit is $262 per week.
D.   Assistance will be offered by financial planners to address questions such as restructuring of debt, etc.
E.   A scholarship equivalent to the tuition remission for which active employees are eligible will be available for faculty members and their dependents for 24 months following the notification of the end of employment.
F.   Athletic season tickets purchased prior to the last date of employment will be valid—or may be turned in for a refund prorated for the number of contests remaining following the last day of employment.
G.   Campus Recreation benefits will be available for 24 months following the date of notification of termination of employment at established faculty rates.
H.   The right to purchase campus parking will continue for 24 months following the date of notification of termination of employment.
I.   Access to University travel discounts will be available for 24 months following date of notification of termination of employment to seek alternative employment.
V.   The benefits provided by this policy are intended to help faculty members find comparable employment and otherwise assist them in their transition. The benefits under this policy will terminate, unless required by law, when the faculty member first becomes employed in alternative employment reasonably comparable to the terminated position.