APC Procedures for Budget Reduction Process - FY 2003-04 & 2004-05 Budget Reduction Process

Academic Planning Committee (APC) Procedures for the UNL Budget Reduction Process, 2003-04/2004-05 Phase Two
JUNE 30, 2003

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Procedures for Submitting Written Responses to Budget Reduction Proposals

• Please direct department or unit responses to the Academic Planning Committee. Indicate the Budget Reduction Item that is being addressed and the department or unit making the response. Where appropriate, departments or units are encouraged to describe alternatives that students and/or clients may pursue if the proposed reductions are implemented. Also indicate the name and phone number of the department or unit head submitting the response. To facilitate expedient distribution of the responses to APC members, twenty (20) copies of each unit response are requested.

• Responses are due in the office of Institutional Research and Planning (332 Canfield Administration Building) by noon, July 14, 2003.

• Departments or units with a proposed budget reduction may submit a written response of no more than three pages.

• Departments or units that would be affected by a proposed reduction to another unit’s budget may submit a written response of no more than one page.

• Responses should be guided by the General Budget Framework Document, Fiscal Years 2003-04, 2004-05 and the criteria section of the Procedures to be Invoked for Significant Budget Reallocations and Reductions document.

Further Information and Discussion Sessions

• The APC may request further information in the form of expanded reports that will be due in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning by noon, August 22, 2003.

• Based on reduction proposals, written responses and expanded reports received, the APC may invite representatives from affected units to appear to clarify issues raised by the proposals, written responses or expanded reports. The APC may also invite Deans or Vice Chancellors to discuss budget reductions proposed for their units.

• The APC’s goal is to schedule Open Discussion Sessions with invited units during a period starting Sept. 2 and ending Sept. 19, 2003. During that same period, one or more Open General Hearings will be scheduled for anyone wishing to share thoughts with the APC about the proposed reductions. The format, exact dates, times and locations for the General Hearings and Discussion Sessions will be announcedin late August.

Recommendations to the Chancellor

• The APC plans to make its recommendations on Phase Two to the Chancellor by October 15, 2003. APC deliberations will be held in closed sessions.