5. Authority to Issue Regulations.

  1. Rules and regulations pertaining to the business functions, property management, purchasing, and non-academic personnel shall be issued by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance with the approval of the Chancellor subject to the limitations herein provided.
    1. Custody of Property. All University of Nebraska property at UNL, both real and personal, wherever located, shall be under the custody of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance who shall be responsible for the same except as provided for in the Regents Bylaws.
    2. Use of UNL Property. No University of Nebraska property belonging to UNL shall be put to private use except as permitted under the Regents Bylaws and further provided that this section shall not preclude the use of such property in connection with research or other academic activities.
    3. Expenditure of University Funds for Property. No funds of the University shall be expended for the purchase of property or services except as they are approved by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance or in accordance with procedures authorized by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance.
  2. UNL Campus Police Committee. This committee shall assist (i) in the determination of codes of ethics in the enforcement of campus security regulations and policies on violations thereof; and (ii) in an advisory role in the selection and review of the chief police officer analogous to the faculty input on administrative evaluation and review.
    1. The UNL Campus Police Committee shall consist of two faculty members appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate, two students appointed by ASUN, one administrator appointed by the Chancellor, and two employees selected by the office and service staff of UNL.