Faculty Residency Policy


The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) is a community of scholars, and it is as a community of scholars that we wish to be perceived and valued by the citizens of the state of Nebraska. We define community as a group of people who work together and have common interests.

Although the advent of technology has made it possible to teach classes and communicate from a distance, we still expect that our community will be centered on the physical space, the campus, where its members come together through the day and, often, into the evening. It is the presence of students, faculty and staff on campus that makes UNL a successful and dynamic organization and a vibrant community.

Expectations regarding Faculty Residency

As members of the UNL community of scholars, therefore, we expect faculty to be present on campus in order to hold open office hours, to teach and advise students, to be engaged with their colleagues, and to be active participants in the activities of their departments, their college and the campus. We assume that this is a part of the faculty's necessary contribution to achieving our goals, values and mission. Exceptions to these expectations which may be appropriate in order to fulfill other University missions including Extension, must be negotiated with, and approved in writing by, chairs and deans.

Harvey Perlman, Chancellor
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dated May 11, 2008