FY2018-2019 Budget Reduction Process Allocations and Descriptions

(Nov. 15, 2017)

Chancellor's Office$99,416
Pooled salary funds $48,000

Unencumbered pooled salary dollars in Chancellor’s budget.

Office Associate $51,416

Eliminate a vacant office associate positon in the Office of the Chancellor.

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor$2,106,788
Reallocate state-appropriated-funded staff to Technology Fee $523,540

The revenue from the Technology Fee will be further leveraged by assigning salaries for staff from state resources to fee revenue who are fulfilling the technology fee proposal actions. These will be in the offices of the University Registrar and Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics.

Reallocate state-appropriated-funded staff and operations to Online Course Fee $1,245,485

The revenue from the Online Course fee will be leveraged by assigning salaries for staff and operating budgets that are fulfilling the online course fee proposal actions in the Office of Online and Distance Education.

Summer school budget reduction $337,763

The increased strategic use of summer school funds allows for a budget reduction without significant impact to the quality summer school programming currently offered to students.

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources$1,208,003
Reduce IANR greater Nebraska utility budget $150,000

Annual utility expenditures for utilities at IANR research, teaching, and extension centers located outstate are forecasted to be less than previously budgeted.

Vacate Northeast Community College Lifelong Learning Center $127,328

The 20-year lease expires this year. With the recent creation of the Eastern NE Research and Extension Center, program delivery can be coordinated for constituents across eastern Nebraska without retaining physical space in Norfolk.

Reduce IANR self-insurance budget $125,000

Annual self-insurance expenditures are forecasted to be less than previously budgeted.

Eliminate facility renovation permanent budget $40,925

In recent years, the majority of funding for facility renovation and deferred maintenance needs has been shifted to sources other than permanent state-appropriated budget.

Reduce Rural Future Institute budget $500,000

Rural Futures Institute will reduce planned expenditures for programs to assist the university in meeting its budget.

Eliminate Virology Center Program of Excellence budgets $264,750

Two previously approved but not-yet-filled faculty positions were scheduled to be hired in IANR units and assigned to the Nebraska Center for Virology. These position searches have been closed.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Total$3,414,207