Pass/No Pass Policy for Graduate Students

Dear UNL Graduate Students,

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is committed to your long-term success — in your discipline and career, and as a member of our graduate student community. The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted our world. It’s likely that it has also disrupted your studies, teaching, research and training — the important work you’re doing while at UNL.

It is important that you each have the fullest opportunity to achieve your best academic outcomes while managing everything this semester. That is why graduate students will have the opportunity to receive an earned letter grade or choose a Pass/No Pass option for graduate courses taken in the Spring 2020 semester and have those courses that receive a Pass grade count toward degree requirements.

  • Graduate students will have until Friday, May 29, 2020 to switch any Spring 2020 graduate course from a letter grade to Pass/No Pass. 
  • P grades may be used on a master’s program Memorandum of Courses or a doctoral Program of Studies. NP grades will not count toward degree requirements. 
  • In keeping with established university policy, courses taken on a Pass/No Pass basis in the Spring 2020 semester will not be factored into a student’s grade point average.
  • To make this switch, students are required to consult with their major advisor about any possible consequences for employment, certification, licensure, admission to graduate or professional schools, or other circumstances that might be affected by choosing the Pass/No Pass option. Major advisors will then notify the Office of Graduate Studies of any changes from a letter grade to Pass/No Pass by contacting the master’s and doctoral program coordinators.

These changes, along with reminders about existing university policy for graduate course grading are posted on the Graduate Studies COVID-19 website.

If your area of study is within the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Plant Health, Master of Architecture or Juris Doctor programs, contact your program director or dean for more information about grading policy changes.

Take care of yourself during these unusual times. Reach out to your advisor to discuss your options. Make the decisions that are best for you and that will allow you to thrive and be successful, however that might be. And know the university is here for you.

All best,
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Elizabeth Spiller
Professor and Executive Vice Chancellor

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Timothy Carr
Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Graduate Education