Education Abroad and International Student Travel Sponsored by the University

Policy Memorandum 2013-10

The University of Nebraska — Lincoln is committed to helping students engage the world through safe and affordable opportunities to travel, study, research, intern, and do service learning abroad. The UNL Education Abroad Office facilitates program and budget development; assures that risks associated with international travel are identified and addressed; that State and University guidelines for business practices are followed; that student billing is handled through Student Accounts; that student financial aid is not jeopardized; that contracts with and payments to vendors are properly managed; that all necessary health forms, information, waivers, and releases are signed, collected, and filed; that students are properly registered and awarded credit; that students and faculty are enrolled in the international health insurance program; that students and faculty are notified of any risks associated with the host country and that health, safety, and security precautions are addressed; that students are registered with the US embassy/consulate in the host country; that students and faculty always have one point of contact back on campus; that the University's response in the event of an emergency is coordinated; and that an accurate and complete accounting of student travel abroad by college is reported annually.

Therefore, in order to maintain a high level of service and proper governance of education abroad and international student travel, effective October 1, 2013:

  1. All education abroad (i.e. study, research, internship, and service learning abroad) opportunities for students sponsored by the University must be administered through the UNL Education Abroad Office.
  2. All other international student travel sponsored by UNL (in name or through funding, coordination, and/or faculty/staff advising) must be registered with the UNL Education Abroad Office.

It will be assumed that any education abroad activity not registered with the UNL Education Abroad Office is not sponsored by the University and thus its participants are not eligible for scholarships, travel reimbursement, or academic credit.