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The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is among the nation's top 50 national public universities and is also a member of the Big Ten conference and its academic arm, the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC).

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Harvey Perlman, Chancellor
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Leaders in the Big Ten and CIC

Academically, we are leading the Big Ten and the CIC in several areas. In addition to our work in Digital Humanities, our Center on Brain, Biology, and Behavior — CB3 — is leading a collaboration between the Big Ten and the Ivy League to conduct an extensive study of concussion injuries in student athletes. CB3 is also part of a unique collaboration between an athletic department and an academic faculty along with the private sector to build a significant research enterprise, to be housed in the new East Stadium-one that will benefit not only student-athletes but also our broader understanding of human performance.

Our students continue to demonstrate in a variety of national competitions that they can compete with students from any university. Last year our students received a prestigious Marshall Scholarship, nine Fulbrights resulting in UNL being named by the Fulbright Program as one of the "45 top producing" research institutions, 4 Gilman scholarships for study abroad, and four Goldwater scholarships -the most any single institution may receive.

Nebraska Innovation Campus

National and Global Roles

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is a part of the national and international conversation on issues of significance. The Daugherty Water for Food Institute held its fourth international conference in Lincoln last May and it is clear that this university is fast becoming the global focal point for the effort to provide more food with less water. In partnership with the Homestead Monument and the National Park Service, we held a major symposium celebrating the impact of landmark legislation, the Homestead Act, the Morrill Act, the Pacific Railroad Act, and the law creating the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Last spring the first ever Conference on the Rural Futures was convened in Lincoln with representatives from across the land-grant community and the world. Focusing on the Rural Future is a fitting start to the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Morrill Act and allows us to reenergize our role as a land grant university in the 21st century.

Nebraska Innovation Campus

Nebraska Innovation Campus

Nebraska Innovation Campus is taking shape as a new section of the university that invites private businesses to become partners with university researchers in the evolution of marketable innovations. The result will be more jobs and internships for students as more new companies take shape. The state's investment of $25 million has significantly advanced Innovation Campus as this year we begin construction on the campus core facilities. ConAgra Foods and UNL recently announced a collaboration that includes expanded research and development projects at Nebraska Innovation Campus.

UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman with Zheng Nanning, president of Xi'an Jiaotong University, during the signing ceremony for an agreement that will create an American Culture Center in Xi'an, China.

International Partnerships

UNL is also increasingly global in our reach. A new American Exchange Center in Xi'an, China with our partner Xi'an Jiaotong University is a good example. This center provides access to Chinese students to American activities and culture and providing a site from which our own students and faculty can engage in China. Our partnership degree programs in China continue to increase the number of Chinese undergraduates on our campus. Efforts in Brazil have made us the largest recipient of Brazilian undergraduate students under that country's new Science Without Borders program.

Each student—whether from Nebraska, another state or another nation-- represents a story yet untold, and each student will be the author of their own story. Our university challenges every student to think big- to stretch their imaginations, and think beyond the boundaries of their current circumstances--in short, to make their story the most vibrant one possible.