Budget Reallocation/Reduction Procedures - Footnotes (footnotes)


(1) After a significant budget reduction in 1992, Chancellor Graham Spanier charged a broadly representative committee to develop a process that was flexible and yet permitted broad participation. The Committee developed a proposal during the summer of 1992 which was ultimately adopted by the Academic Planning Committee in November, 1992 and the Academic Senate in December, 1992. ASUN approved it in February, 1993 and shortly thereafter the Academic Planning Committee promulgated the procedures. These procedures are referenced in the UNL Bylaws.

(2) Throughout this document, a director is defined as anyone (other than clerical/secretarial/service staff) who reports directly to a vice chancellor or anyone, excepting the vice chancellors or clerical/secretarial/service staff, who reports directly to the chancellor.

(3) The chancellor may name a designee to carry out this function.

(4) The general budget framework will establish the options, emphases and limitations of the budget reallocation and reduction process. It will include the reduction total that must be achieved by the institution. It may also provide reduction assignments to various units, or could ask for responses to various reduction scenarios. Timelines for accomplishing reductions and reallocaitons should be targeted. The framework may also include certain constraints resulting from legislation or institutional priorities that must be considered.

(5) References to the vice chancellors working with their deans and directors should be interpreted as including any administrator designated by the chancellor to work with directors or program heads which report directly to the Chancellor's Office.