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The Nebraska Writing Project, a network of professional educators and affiliated writers, provides opportunities to improve, enhance and celebrate writing for classrooms and communities across Nebraska.

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2015 Winter Writing Marathon
Lincoln, January

Read the writing of Lincoln Marathoners.
2014 Gretna Embedded Institute is in its third year.  This year's institute got underway September 8, and continues through December 15.  This year the institute participants, ranging from preschool to  administration, are focusing primarily on the writing workshop within the elementary classroom. (Read about NeWP embedded institutes)
The 2015 Young Writers Camp was a great success, registering a final count of 40 students.  Camp offered over 20 workshops...including titles suchs as “They Lived Half My Life: Odes to Common Things,” “Karate Chop Your Writer’s Block: Using Deep Memories and Anaphora to Create Poetry,” “Poetry and Science: Perennial Frenemies,” and more.  See photos and read student writing.