Pedestrian Bridge Accross the Platte River

The Nebraska Writing Project hosts writing marathons several times throughout the year, usually in downtown Lincoln each January, at Platte River State Park each fall, and at various other locations in Omaha and in western/central Nebraska.   Writing marathons involve small groups of writers moving together through a landscape, writing and sharing along the way, with no comment from group members except for a “thank you.”  Sharon writing at the Stuhr MuseumOn a marathon, writers compose in any genre they like, drawing inspiration from their surroundings and also from their fellow writers.  Writing marathons were invented in the Southeastern Louisiana Writing Project in the early 1990s and have been adapted for use in National Writing Project Institutes, classrooms, literary festivals, and writing groups throughout the country.  They help writers experience the world as writers, generate new material, and to share writing in a supportive community.

For a taste of a writing marathon, please read some of the web stories documenting these events, such as our last Winter Writing Marathon at, and our writing marathon in rural Holt Country at
For more information about writing marathons and how to use them in your own classrooms and writing groups, please refer to the Louisiana Writing Project’s Writing Marathon Central website, located at, and also their excellent publication on writing marathons, The Writing Marathon: In Good Company Revealed, available for checkout on the NeWP book cart and also from at
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