Prospective Students

OASIS Student Success Program (OSSP)

As a participant of the OASIS Student Success Program, you will enroll in a seminar where we discuss college transition topics, have a connection with a professional staff and peer mentors here to support as you navigate college, and be exposed to many cultural and academic programs. 

As a participant of our Student Success Program, you will:

  • Enroll in a student success seminar available at no charge
  • Have a connection by meeting with a professional OASIS staff
  • Have a connection through an assigned peer-mentor
  • Improve time management skills by completing a study hours log
  • Complete a mid-semester check-in with professors to ensure academic success
  • Meet peers, faculty and staff through our diversity & social events

Benefits of Participating

  • You will gain familiarity with OASIS and the UNL campus
  • Learn how to find and use academic support services
  • Meet people from different backgrounds and diverse perspectives
  • Gain personal and professional skills necessary for lifelong learning
Students who receive Diversity Enhancement Scholarships are required to participate in the OASIS Student Success Program. All students, including students who do not have a university scholarship, are encouraged to participate in the program. For more information, or to sign-up, email Moises Padilla at