Plant Cells in red and green

Classes taught at Nebraska

BIOS 312 - Fundamentals of Microbiology
The class includes an overall survey of microbes important in the environment and society. We will examine important processes and/or topics in microbiology including the following: bacterial metabolism and growth; host-microbe interactions; pathogenic microbes; the genetics of prokaryotes; and microbial ecology.

BIOS 963 - Genetics of Host-Microbe Interactions
The course is intended to be a core course for graduate students interested in molecular plant pathology. The course examines the molecular and cellular factors that control pathogen-plant interactions with an emphasis on the roles of molecules and cell structures in determining the outcome of an interaction. Evidence for the role of disease determinants will be explored in the context of universal stages of pathogenesis and representative pathosystems. There is also a proposal writing exercise for the students to gain experience writing and critiquing proposals.

BIOS 968 - Plant Pathology Seminar Series
This is a graduate student seminar class. Each enrolled student gives a presentation to the class, which is also attended by Plant Pathology faculty members. Generally we also have a few outside speakers included in this series.