CJ 101 - Fall Semester Syllabus

CJ 101 - Spring Semester Syllabus

Class Lecture Power Point Slides

Class Court Cases

"Justice, and the Justice Network"

"Liberty vs Order"

"Night of the Long Knives," Wikipedia

Extra Credit Film Schedule - Fall Term

Extra Credit Film Schedule - Spring Term

Extra Credit Film Series - Study Questions

The Role of Criminology on the Global Stage


Synanon, drawn from Ofshe

The Future of Legal, USA Today insert

"Crime Report Manipulation is Common Among New York Police, Study Finds," Ruderman

"Driven by Drug War Incentives, Cops Target Pot Smokers, Brush Off Victims of Violent Crime," Balko

Arrests in the United States, drawn from the Uniform Crime Reports

Uniform Crime Reports, U.S. Department of Justice

Crime Victimization Survey, U.S. Department of Justice

International Crime Victims Survey

"Homicide," by Roser

"The Story of the First Mass Murderer in U.S. History," by Sauer

"The Serial-Killer Detector," by Wilkinson

Crime and Justice in Venezuela - Part 1

Crime and Justice in Venezuela - Part 2

"Trust and Confidence in Criminal Justice," Sherman

Theories of Deviance

"Teenage Brains," Dobbs

"Unmasking the Mad Bomber," Cannell

"America's Real Criminal Element: Lead," Drum"

"Our Banana Republic," Kristof

Anomie Cartoon, Engelhardt

Fundamental Concepts of Law and Crime

"Most Prisoners are Mentally Ill," Khazan

Prostitution Laws of the World

Global Slavery Index

Human Trafficking in Cambodia

"The Secret War Crime," Baker

"Gun Violence in America," Stray

"Six Ways We Can Reduce Gun Violence in America," Gregory and Wilson

"Repeal the Second Amendment," Stevens

Identity Theft, U.S. Department of Justice

"Counterfeit Drugs:  People are Dying Everyday," Wall

National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services

"Cost Of Drug War Too High," Ivins

"In the Heart of America's Heroin Epidemic," McCoy

Methamphetamine Information:

    * Mexican Cartels Fill Demand for Meth in USA, Associated Press/Salter

    * Methamphetamine Time Line, Frontline

    * Spread of Meth, The Oregonian

    * The Meth Epidemic, Frontline

Drug Trafficking Fact Sheet, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

President's National Drug Control Strategy, Office of National Drug Control Policy

National Survey Results of Juvenile Drug Use, NIDA/University of Michigan Institute for Social Research

Cybercrime articles, Sullivan

"Injustice, Texas Style," Alter

"A Brief History of Bail," Stephen

Capital Punishment Updates, U.S. Department of Justice

Death Penalty Information Center

The Death of the Death Penalty, von Drehle

"America's Largest Death Row has Run out of Room," McSpadden

International Death Sentences and Executions: 2015, Amnesty International

"Why More Americans Want to Kill the Death Penalty," Schulzke

"Pope Francis calls for Abolishing the Death Penalty and Life Imprisonment," Rocca

"20,000 Watched the Last Public Hanging 78 Years Ago," Murrmann

Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom

"The Birth of the U.S. Police Force," Waxman

Links to Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

Links to State Law Enforcement, Correctional, and Judicial Agencies

U.S. Supreme Court Genealogy

International Courts/International Law

Twenty-Two Crimes Under the Jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice

"Fifty Years in the ACA," Hill

"The Crime of Punishment," New York Times Editorial

American Correctional Population, U.S. Department of Justice

World Prison Population, Walmsley

Which Prison's Right For You, U.S. Bureau of Prisons

"Under Mr. Trump, Private Prisons Thrive Again," NY Times

"What A Prison Sentence Really Means," Goodman

"Our Real Prison Problem," Lithwick

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:  Prison

Tuition vs. Prison cartoon, from the Wisconsin State Journal

The Prison Story of a Falsely Convicted:  Raymund Narag

Blended Sentencing, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

"The Dawn of a New Movement," Cose   

Link to Corrections Reports from the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Highlights of the 2011 National Youth Gang Survey, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

"Letters from Prison: Perspective of a Juvenile Lifer"

"Juveniles Don't Deserve Life Sentences," Garinger 

"The Government Problem," Reich


Movie: Worse Than War (PBS film on Genocide)

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