Women’s and Gender Studies Program

Explore Feminism. Embrace Intersections. Embody Change.

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program is devoted to creating safe and inclusive learning spaces where students, staff, and faculty can thrive and exchange ideas. We believe in dignity and respect for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, sexuality, disability, or age.

To that end, we are committed to the examination of women, gender, and sexuality — through a variety of lenses. Truly interdisciplinary, our program is one of the most diverse on campus, featuring award-winning faculty from six different colleges and course offerings from more than 15 academic disciplines.

Our commitment to undergraduate and graduate education helps us attract some of the brightest students on campus. And we work hard to keep their curiosities piqued throughout their schooling.

We introduce students to exciting ideas, dynamic professors and classmates, and feminist thought and perspectives in small, collaborative learning communities. Our uniquely personalized environment features one-on-one relationships with faculty, engaging research opportunities, and vibrant student groups.

Our students gain critical experience and perspectives outside of the classroom by presenting at our annual No Limits student research conference, interacting with national scholars at our Annual WGS Lecture, and engaging in internships and service learning programs on campus and in the community.

We prepare our students to excel in a wide variety of careers — ranging from healthcare to international relations, politics to social work. Our students go on to graduate, law, and medical school. They publish and teach, lead and inspire.

At Women’s & Gender Studies, we develop conscientious citizens driven by curiosity and determination. Locally, globally, and personally, students in our program learn how to ask important questions and embrace creative solutions.

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