With course offerings from more than fifteen academic disciplines, Women’s and Gender Studies introduces students to exciting ideas, dynamic professors and classmates, and feminist thought and perspectives in small, collaborative communities of learning. Womens and Gender Studies has a wide variety of popular and innovative courses from introductory to advanced classes.

Special Topics courses

Special Topics courses give students the chance to engage with ideas and practices on the forefront of new and exciting areas of scholarly research and creative inquiry. While topics and formats vary widely from year to year, these courses offer students the opportunity to engage in specialized areas of study − and try something different!

Service learning/internships

Because our program understands that quality education can also take place outside the classroom, many Womens and Gender Studies classes give students the opportunity to put their learning into practice.

  • Courses like WMNS 210 Activism & Feminist Communities allow students to see the role of Womens and Gender Studies in the real world.
  • Many students also participate in WMNS 497 Internship in Women’s & Gender Studies, gaining valuable hands-on experience while learning about some the career opportunites open to graduates of the program.

Internship Information

Other courses that count towards the Women's and Gender Studies major and minor

  • ANTH/WMNS 410 Gender: An Anthropological Perspective
  • ARAB/RELG/WMNS 228 Love, Sexuality, and Femininity in the History of Arabic Culture
  • ARAB/RELG/MRST/WMNS 306 Women in Quran
  • CLAS/WMNS 440 Gender & Sexuality in the Ancient World
  • COMM 380 Gender & Communication
  • CRIM 339 Women, Crime, & Justice
  • CYAF 330 Refugee Family & Community Wellbeing: Think Globally, Act Locally
  • CYAF/WMNS 447 Working with GLBT Youth in Professional Contexts
  • ECON/HIST/WMNS 375 Women & Work in U.S.A. History
  • ECON/WMNS 445 Gender, Economics and Social Provisioning
  • ENGL/WMNS 212 Introduction to LGBTQ Literature
  • ENGL/WMNS 215 Introduction to Women’s Literature
  • ENGL/WMNS 253A Introduction to Poetry Writing: Women’s Poetry
  • ENGL/WMNS 312 LGBTQ Literature and Film
  • ENGL/WMNS 315A Survey of Women’s Literature
  • ENGL/WMNS 315B Women in Popular Culture
  • ENGL/ETHN/WMNS 344B Black Women Authors
  • ENGL/ETHN/WMNS 345N Native American Women Writers
  • ENGL/WMNS 401K LGBTQ Drama and Popular Culture
  • ENGL/WMNS 414 Women’s Literature
  • ENGL/WMNS 414B Modern & Contemporary Women Writers
  • ENGL/WMNS 475A Rhetorical Theory: Rhetoric of Women’s Writers
  • FREN/ENGL/MRST/WMNS 388 Body Language: Love, Politics, and the Self in French Literature
  • GPSP/GEOG/WMNS 377 Women of the Great Plains
  • HIST/WMNS 204 Women & Gender in United States History
  • HIST/WMNS 225 Women in History
  • HIST/WMNS 329 Women in European History
  • HIST/WMNS 336 Saints, Witches, & Madwomen
  • HIST/ETHN/WMNS 356 African-American Women’s History
  • HIST/ETHN/WMNS 358 Native American Women
  • HIST/WMNS 363 History of Women & Gender in the American West
  • HIST/WMNS 402 Sexuality in 19th & 20th Century America
  • HIST/WMNS 441 Seminar in U.S. Women’s & Gender History
  • HIST/ETHN/WMNS 459 Women & Gender in African Societies
  • HIST/ETHN/WMNS 476A Gender & Sexuality in Latin America
  • JUDS/RELG/WMNS 340 Women in the Biblical World
  • PHIL/WMNS 218 Philosophy of Feminism
  • POLS/WMNS 338 Women & Politics
  • PSYC 330 Psychology of Diversity    
  • PSYC/WMNS 421 Psychology of Gender
  • PSYC/CYAF/EDPS/SOCI 471 Human Sexuality & Society
  • SOCI/WMNS 200 Gender in Contemporary Society
  • SOCI/WMNS 226 Families & Society
  • SOCI/WMNS 325 Contemporary Family Issues
  • SOCI/WMNS 490 Sociology of Gender 
  • TMFD 410/WMNS 410A Body, Dress, & Identity
  • TMFD/ANTH/WMNS 477 Gender & Material Culture