2022 WGS Graduating Majors and Minors

Photo Credit: Cap and diploma
by Amy Sue Peterson April 21, 2022
The Women's and Gender Studies Program proudly announces our 2021-2022 Graduates!

WGS Majors

  • Brooke Crumb, also English Major; Minors in Psychology and LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies
  • Julia Hawk, also Psychology Major
  • Leah Huerta
  • Delanie Johnson, also Sociology Major; Minors in English, Psychology, and LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies
  • Clare Frances Kennedy, also Communication Studies Major; Minors in Global Studies, LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies, and English; University Honors Program
  • Lizzy Lavin, also English Major; Minor in Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs
  • Velma Lockman, also Russian and History Majors; Minors in Mathematics, Religious Studies, LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies and Psychology
  • Elena Pepitone, Minors in Sociology and English.
  • Kendy Ramos, also Sociology Major

WGS Minors

  • Jaylen Barrett, Advertising and Public Relations Major; also English Minor
  • Levi Becker, Sociology Major; also Art Minor
  • Camryn Boone, Ethnic Studies Major; also History Minor
  • Allison Buell, Secondary English Education (7-12) Major; also English Minor
  • Emily Cheramie, English Major; also Art and Mathematics Minors
  • Evelyn English, Sociology Major; also Music, Psychology, and Ethnic Studies Minors
  • Laurel Hebenstreit, Psychology and Ethnic Studies Majors; also English and Child, Youth and Family Studies Minors
  • Audrey Holbeck, Anthropology Major; also Sociology Minor; University Honors Program
  • Cal Ivey, Psychology and History Majors; also LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies Minor; University Honors Program
  • Will Jackson, Psychology Major; also LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies Minor
  • Jessie McCloy, English Major; also History and Digital Humanities Minors
  • Syd Miller, Psychology Major; University Honors Program
  • Brooke Peck, Sports Media and Communication Major
  • Molly Ptacek, Communication Studies Major; also Criminal & Criminal Justice and English Minors
  • Nyameer Puok, English Major
  • Venessa Rodriguez, Sociology Major; also Humanities in Medicine Minor
  • Elizabeth Sgroi, Sports Media and Communication Major
  • Olivia Taylor, Journalism Major
  • Franny  Tvrdik, Sociology and Psychology Majors; aslo Child, Youth and Family Studies Minor
  • Megan Willburn, Political Science and English Majors; also, Spanish, Human Rights and Humnaitarian Affairs, and History Minors