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Professor, English Women's & Gender Studies

After an early career in the U.K. (graduate studies at Cambridge; teaching at the University of Kent) I came to UNL as a Professor in 2003. I direct the Cather Project – a team of scholars dedicated to editing Cather’s texts, running seminars and other events, and producing Cather Studies. I am the general editor of the Cather Scholarly Edition, a multi-volume, MLA-vetted series of annotated texts.

As well as my work on Cather, I have wide teaching and research interests in American literature. My recent work focuses on the international and transatlantic dimensions of post-war writing. Apostles of Modernity: American Writers in the Age of Development (2008) is a close study of internationalism and writing, a contribution to the study of literature in an accelerating era of globalization and, perhaps, ‘Americanization.’ The book features a swathe of figures, from Malcolm X to Paul Bowles to Pearl Buck to Don DeLillo, and focuses on the fiction and reportage produced by Americans in a decolonized and ‘post-European’ world.