Luis Othoniel Rosa

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Associate Professor, Spanish Modern Languages and Literatures

Luis Othoniel Rosa was born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico in 1985. The son of two public high-school teachers, he studied at the University of Puerto Rico (Río Piedras) and holds a Ph.D. in Latin American literature from Princeton University. Before coming to UNL, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Duke University and Colorado College. He is the editor of El Roommate: Colectivo de Lectores. His first novel is Otra vez me alejo [Once again I leave] (Buenos Aires: Entropía 2012; San Juan, PR: Isla Negra 2013). He is also the author of an academic book, Comienzos para una estética anarquista: Borges con Macedonio [Beginnings for an anarchist aestheticsM] (Chile: Cuarto Propio, August 2016). His second novel, Caja de fractales [A box with fractals] will be published by the Argentine Press, Entropía, in March of 2017.

Professor Rosa’s courses at UNL will focus mostly on 20th and 21st century Latin American literature featuring topics such as feminism, anarchism, queer theory, decolonizing practices, utopian, scifi and fantastic literature, and revolutionary and avant-garde culture. In his classes students will read writers such as Luisa Capetillo, César Vallejo, Julia de Burgos, Manuel Ramos Otero, Roberto Bolaño and Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos among many others. At UNL, Profesor Rosa will be working on a new research project titled Vivir del cuento. Capital. Life. Literature. This project that seeks to theorize ways in which literary practices can participate and contribute to the current intellectual debates about the conflict between Capitalism and Life in our age, giving special attention to feminist theory.



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Ph.D., Latin American Literature, Princeton University (2012)