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Assistant Professor of Practice, Classics & Religious Studies Classics & Religious Studies

My research focuses on the roles of women in Roman religion and the intersections between Latin literature and epigraphy. In an article entitled “Time and Eternity: The Vestal Virgins and the Crisis of the Third Century” (forthcoming in TAPA) I examine how the traditional theme of time and eternity gained increased significance to the Vestals, a powerful group of female priestesses, during an era of religious conflict and political instability. I am also examining the roles of the Vestal Virgins in conflict resolution narratives for an international conference series relating classical models of conflict resolution to conflict in contemporary Latin America. Additionally, I am working on papers entitled “Always Advanced by Her Recommendations: The Vestal Virgins and Women’s Mentoring” and “The Fictores on Inscriptions from the Atrium Vestae.” In my article “A Blight on the pax Augusta: The Robigalia in Ovid’s Fasti” (Classical World 2018) I examine Ovid’s unusual feminine characterization of Robigo, an ancient Roman agricultural deity. Other publications include “Inscriptional Intermediality in Livy” (Trends in Classics 2019) and “Inscriptions on the Capitoline: Epigraphy and Cultural Memory in Livy” (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press). When teaching I strive to give increased presence to female historical, literary, and mythological figures, incorporating women and gender into class discussions and assignments. At UNL I am offering a broad range of Classics and Religious Studies courses, including an advanced Latin course on the Fasti.


Ph.D., Classics, University of Washington

M.A., Classics, University of Washington

B.A., Classics and Comparative Literature, Brown University