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Professor, Architecture Women's & Gender Studies

Dr. Kuska is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer. Her research interests include studies involving issues and concerns related to both architecture and civil engineering, the relationship between architecture and civil engineering, rural architecture, bridges, and seismic design, covered bridge origins and design, four-square housing design and construction, and high-strength concrete column design. She is currently working on research regarding Building Structures along the Oregon Trail. Dr. Kuska and Professor Betsy Gabb conducted a photographic survey to document existing structures of popular design along the Nebraska section of the Oregon Trail. The project was supported by a grant from the College's Council for Community Planning and Design. Expected products include a future proposal to the Center for Great Plains Studies and juried publications in appropriate professional journals. Additionally, Kuska is involved in research for the NAFTA Architectural Educational Consortium with Professor Cecil Steward through a grant from the US Department of Education-FIPSE for a student exchange program with schools of architecture in Mexico and Canada.

WGS Courses
ARCH/IDES 481/881: Women in Design


Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln