Student Spotlight: Milli Ciprian

Photo Credit: Milli Ciprian
October 2, 2023

Majors: Communication Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies

Milli is a 2nd year Honors student, this semester, she’s earning Honors credit as a Learning Assistant for the “Great American City: From Injustice to Inclusion” 189H Seminar taught by Jacob Schlange! Through this role, Milli hopes to convey the interdisciplinary content from this course and be someone that students can lean on for support in their education.

“Last fall, I was in this class and gained valuable insights on how city structures keep different communities from succeeding.”

Milli’s role as an Honors Learning Assistant varies, from leading discussions and facilitating lessons independently to holding office hours for students.

According to Milli, the seminar “presents such a different perspective to subjects I study regularly, and what I have learned in this class has changed how I see everything in my environment.”