Watch the Talk, "We Are The Leaders" - Shireen Ghorbani, Here

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March 13, 2019

Keynote Speaker: Shireen Ghorbani

“We Are the Leaders”

Watch Shireen's talk here!!!

At this year's No Limits Student Conference, Shireen Gorbani gave the Keynote Address in the Union Auditorium. The talk entitled "We Are The Leaders" was both a critical review of our current political field and a call to action. Ghorbani is a former candidate for the US House of Representatives. She was featured on the cover of Time magazine, which showcased the grassroots movement of women newly inspired to run for office. An alum of UNL, Ghorbani received her MA in Communication Studies with a graduate specialization in Women’s & Gender Studies. A former Peace Core Volunteer, she is currently Associate Director of Communication and Organizational Development for Facilities Management at the University of Utah. In her talk, Ghorbani shared lessons learned from a pathway to politics that followed lines of academia and activism. At the intersection of authenticity, rage, and deep desire to do better, Ghorbani offers a call to action and an invitation to, in the words of Grace Lee Boggs, reckon with the notion that “we are the leaders we've been waiting for.”

Check out her talk here!