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High School Students

If you are a high-school Senior and interested in participating in Army ROTC while in college you have the option to apply for the Army ROTC four-year scholarship! You may apply for a scholarship by clicking here. All scholarship applications must be completed by High School Seniors prior to January 10th of their senior year to be considered for the 4-year scholarship.

College Students

If you are interested in joining Army ROTC and you are already in college, you can begin participating in the Army ROTC Basic Course by enrolling in MLSC 101. If you have two or more years remaining toward your undergraduate degree, but not enough time to complete the Army ROTC Basic Course, you may enter the Advanced Course upon completion of the Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET) at Ft. Knox, KY. CIET is for college students who want to complete Army ROTC training in two years (usually the final two years of college). Scholarships are available for current college students and may cover up to 2 or 3 years of tuition and fees or room and board. Please contact us at (402)-730-6116 or at  for more information about joining Army ROTC as a current college student.

Grad Students

If you are interested in joining Army ROTC as a graduate student you may be eligible to attend Cadet Initial Entry Training and participate in the Advanced Course during your final two years as a graduate student. Please contact our ROO at (402)-730-6116 or at for more information about joining Army ROTC as a graduate student.

Guard/Reserve Soldiers

Soldiers who are currently in the National Guard or U.S. Army Reserve can participate in the Army ROTC through the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP). Cadets in the SMP serve as Officer trainees in the Reserve or National Guard while completing college. SMP Cadets can earn their Reserve/Guard pay and benefits in addition to Army ROTC allowances. Guard and Reserve Soldiers that are interested in participating in the SMP program should contact (402)-730-6116 or

GFRD Scholarships

Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GFRD) scholarships are available through the ARNG and USAR for students that desire to participate in the Senior ROTC program. These scholarships guarantee that the student once graduated from school and commissioned in the U.S. Army must serve their obligation in the ARNG or Reserves. ARNG/USAR scholarships are available in the following lengths: 2, 2.5, and 3-years. To be eligible for the scholarships the student must have exactly that amount of school remaining. For example, to be eligible for the two-year scholarship the student must have exactly two years of school remaining; to be eligible for the 2.5-year scholarship the student must have exactly 2.5 years of school remaining. Contact our ROO (402)-730-6116 or at for more information on GRFD scholarships.

Students can elect these scholarships to pay for 100% tuition and fees OR room & board, not to exceed $10,000 per year. In addition, a $1200 per year book allowance is paid to the student. SMP Cadets are also eligible to receive monthly stipends in the following amounts: $350 for the sophomore year, $450 for the junior year, and $500 for the senior year. The ARNG/USAR scholarship student must participate in the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) with an ARNG/USAR unit while in school. While in the program the student drills with an ARNG unit and is paid at the rank of E-5, approximately $290 per month, unless the student is already in the ARNG and holds a rank higher than E-5.

Federal Tuition Assistance
  • Available for Non-Scholarship Cadets (including MSIs and MSIIs) who are drilling Reservists or Guardsmen and have been to Basic and AIT and have served at least one year as a drilling Guardsman/Reservist.
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