FY2018-2019 Budget Reduction Process

Chancellor finalizes budget cuts for 2018-19 fiscal yearJune 7, 2018

After accepting recommendations by the Academic Planning Committee, Chancellor Ronnie Green finalized $2.9 million in University of Nebraska-Lincoln budget cuts that will take effect in the 2018-19 fiscal year.

Proposed cuts were announced April 19 in response to a 1 percent reduction in state support for the university. The Academic Planning Committee, a university-wide group that works with the administration to review proposed programmatic cuts and reallocations, reviewed the proposals and made its recommendations last month.

The APC concluded that the cuts, which eliminate two academic programs and at least 18 faculty and staff positions, were designed to cause the least harm possible to the university. Nonetheless they represent lost opportunities.

“Under other circumstances, these 18 positions could have been used to reinforce areas of need in the university and open up new areas of opportunity in teaching, research and service,” said APC Chair Ken Bloom. He and other members noted that the university has implemented $6.3 million in permanent budget cuts this calendar year.

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