Morgan Palmer
Assistant Professor of Practice



Latin Literature, Epigraphy, Roman History, Roman Religion, Women in Antiquity

My research and teaching explore the intersections between Latin literature, epigraphy, and Roman history and religion while relating Classical Studies to Religious Studies and Women's Studies. I have presented papers which examine how the Roman historian Livy incorporates inscriptions into his work at international conferences on cultural memory (in Paris) and intermediality (in Cologne). Additionally, I have recently presented on Livy's portrayal of the Vestal Virgins, a powerful group of female priestesses, in conflict resolution narratives, as part of an international conference series relating Classical Studies to contemporary conflict resolution initiatives in Latin America. Other projects highlighting the roles of women in Roman religion include an article on Ovid's unusual feminine characterization of the agricultural deity Robigo, a study examining references to time and eternity on inscriptions commemorating the Vestal Virgins, and a paper which examines the important role of the Vestal Virgins as mentors to other women.


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  • "Inscriptions on the Capitoline: Epigraphy and Cultural Memory in Livy." In Martin T. Dinter and Charles Guérin, eds. Cultural Memory in Republican and Augustan Rome (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press).
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  • Ph.D., Classics
    University of Washington (2014)
  • M.A., Classics
    University of Washington (2008)
  • B.A., Classics: Latin (honors) and Comparative Literature: English and Two Foreign Literatures (honors), Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude
    Brown University (2007)