Freshmen Orientation


New Student Orientation (NSO)

Congratulations on your selection to the NROTC program and admission to the University of Nebraska! The next few years promise to be an excellent foundation for a rewarding career in the Naval Service. Prior to integrating with the midshipmen battalion, you will be expected to participate in an orientation program designed to ease your transition. Life as a midshipman and a college student can be challenging, but the preparation you receive during this week will help you to start off on the right foot.

While New Student Orientation (NSO) is not designed to be a substitute for Boot Camp or Officer Candidate School, it is both physically and mentally demanding. You should spend some time during the summer preparing for this training.

Past NSO training has included:

  • Physical Training - Expect to run up to two miles and conduct basic military calisthenics such as push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups (Marine Options). Physical training ramps up quickly following NSO, so additional preparation would be wise.
  • Close Order Drill (Marching)- Drill is a fundamental military skill that teaches attention to detail and unit cohesion. After NSO you may also elect to participate on the Battalion Drill Team.
  • Swim Qualification- Midshipmen will qualify as third class swimmers. The swim test consists of four events:
    • A deep-water (abandon ship) jump off a platform of approximately 10 feet
    • A 50-yard swim (using any stroke)
    • A 5-minute prone float
    • Deep water trouser removal and inflation
  • Classroom Training - Midshipmen will receive training on a wide variety of subjects that are designed to prepare you for life as a midshipman and a successful college student.